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Sushmita Sengupta
Sushmita Sengupta

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Agara, Bellandur and Varthur lakes are facing the dual threat of pollution and encroachment


Mohit Kumar Ray, convener of Kolkata-based non-profit Vasundhara Foundation, says the city has been losing nearly 200 ponds each year for the past two decades. In an interview to Sushmita Sengupta, Ray, who is an environmentalist by training, says these ponds, called pukur in Bengali, are crucial to the city's ecology. Excerpts


The Modi government has invested hugely in its mission to clean the Ganga, inviting companies and countries to offer their technological expertise. But is it really needed?


Overextraction of water and dumping of waste are choking the Lerma Santiago river


Telangana plans to first empty Hyderabad's great lake and then refill it with rainwater. Experts say it is nothing but a harebrained plan


To restore Shahpura lake, also known as Mansarovar, Bhopal Municipal Corporation must innovate its sewage treatment system


The district is all set to become the first in Rajasthan to completely stop open defecation. Will others follow?


Protest march from Vrindavan near Mathura culminates in Delhi on the occasion of World Water Day


Increasing ubanisation and industrialisation are widening the rift between demand for and supply of water


Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation hopes to arrest the city's dipping groundwater by reviving its dying lakes. But in the absence of strong wetland rules and intention, the efforts will prove futile


Experts lament the lack of scientific planning and direction for cleaning of rivers in budgets


To counter the rapid decline of its lakes, Karnataka is creating a new authority with powers to fine and imprison encroachers and polluters. Will it be able to reverse the trend?


Madhya Pradesh's order to destroy crops cultivated using sewage has triggered a debate over the age old practice of using wastewater for irrigation


Despite several court orders and crores of rupees spent on cleaning the river, the Delhi stretch continues to be the most polluted


The lake in Udaipur is under immense pressure and could die in the near future


Order sets heavy penalties for polluters and asks for drains to be kept clear of encroachment


Indian cities are struggling to fight water stress. Cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Jodhpur are going to areas located far away to source their surface water. A similar water crisis is threatening major cities like Taipei, Singapore and Tokyo.

US-based non-profit The Nature Conservancy (TNC) has released a report titled “Urban Water Blueprint: Mapping Conservation Solutions to the Global Water Challenge” in partnership with the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (a network of the world’s megacities) and International Water Association. This report analyses the situation in water-stressed cities of the world, including 67 Indian cities.

In an e-mail interview to Sushmita Sengupta, co-author of the report and TNC Senior Scientist (Urban Sustainability) Robert McDonald provides key insights into the analysis in the report and explains how cities can overcome increasing water shortage


The proposed Sewerage Master Plan 2031 that promises to end Delhi's drainage troubles underestimates the wastewater volume of the city


Details asked by the app not sufficient to give information on proper use of toilets, says expert


While Delhi struggles to make rainwater harvesting compulsory even after 13 years of amending byelaws, Chennai shows the way


India depends heavily on groundwater. But overextraction can cause the land to sink. A recent study found that signs of land subsidence are already evident in Kolkata. The Central Ground Water Board has signed anMoU with the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing to study the impact of groundwater extraction on land subsidence in northern India. Sushmita Sengupta talks to Pradip Sikdar, a geologist involved in the Kolkata study, on the importance of the new project


Close scrutiny of the plan submitted by National Mission for Clean Ganga shows why Supreme Court found it vague and rejected it


Putting a stop to unmindful concretisation of lake beds and drainage channels can save cities from disastrous floods


Corporate houses will have a major role in Swacchh Bharat Abhiyan which aims at achieving total sanitation by 2019


The Ganga is getting political attention. What does it take to clean the river? Soma Basu and Sushmita Sengupta travel with photographer Vikas Choudhary from Kanpur to Varanasi, the river's most polluted stretch, to understand why the pollution is so persistent, while Sunita Narain suggests ways to clean it


Researchers and activists call for urgent revival of Asia’s largest freshwater oxbow lake


Reviving stormwater drains is the only way to protect cities from water-logging during monsoons


Bio-products derived from these species could find uses in biotechnology sector and may help fishers find alternative source of living


Apex court order to leading real estate developer to restore wetland reclaimed for township sets a precedent; order awaited in another case


Railways has fitted more bio-toilets this year than the total number fitted in the last three years


Sri Lanka’s Lunawa lake returns to its polluted state after a momentary sparkle


Sri Lanka employs aquatic plants to clean up its heritage lake


People protest Dabur’s beverage plant, say it will exhaust groundwater


Increasing pollution, depleting water table make groundwater in Kathmandu unfit for drinking


Restoring traditional water structures hold key to making the region water secure


Colombo’s marshes cannot avert floods the way they used to. Construction is to be blamed


But authorities cement tank beds and fail to restore water inlet channels


Over half the 900 wetlands have been encroached upon


Groundwater level is plunging in Dhaka. Experts call for making rainwater harvesting mandatory


Conservation plan in the works for Kerala's biggest freshwater lake


Scarcity teaches a village in Orissa how to manage its water supply

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