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Blog Posts by Latha Jishnu
Latha Jishnu

Senior Editor, Down To Earth.  Her concerns relate to the way power structures in society – business corporations, governments and lobbies – impact the lives of the powerless.

May 29, 2015

Modi promises "development" to end the Maoist violence but slashes funds for essential jobs and food programmes


April 30, 2015

Like its other policies, the BJP government's Land Acquisition Ordinance favours industry at the cost of farmers

March 31, 2015

The BJP government is set on introducing policies which will deepen the agrarian crisis instead of reviving the rural economy


February 28, 2015

Modi government still has no clear strategy for creating employment for the hordes of the jobless young in India


January 23, 2015

Can we trust Arvind Subramanian not to push for the kind of concessions the US will be demanding from India?

December 31, 2014

With Lima failing to tackle critical issues on global warming, Bolivia outlines socialist project to save the planet

November 30, 2014

India shelved solar energy in favour of nuclear energy and now we are miles behind China and the US

October 31, 2014

Modi's focus on clearing impediments for industry leaves the worker out in the cold

September 30, 2014

Why do democratic governments hide trade negotiations that have dire consequences for public services?

imageTHIS is the age of leaks. And thank goodness for that. Not just by WikiLeaks, the bête noire of secretive governments, but by bands of public-spirited individuals and organisations who have been instrumental in laying bare the machinations of corporate lobbies in shaping major trade agreements.

August 29, 2014

BJP thinks undoing labour laws will spur a manufacturing boom. Even now workers enjoy little protection or social security

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