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Blog Posts by Richard Mahapatra
Richard Mahapatra

Senior editor, Down To Earth. He has been associated with the fortnightly since 1997 and has written extensively on rural affairs and development matters.

April 15, 2014

India’s first PM born after Independence will face the old problem of poverty eradication


March 14, 2014

Bangladesh loses an opportunity to revive its most important local government—upazilla parishad—as competing national parties turn local polls into fierce political one-upmanship

February 15, 2014

The Nagar Swaraj Bill will usher in decentralised governance in the city state, but what happened to rural panchayats?


January 15, 2014

Rights-based governance has not been accompanied by effective delivery mechanism


December 13, 2013

The country struggles with ways to use its diverse ecology in finalising new states

November 15, 2013

With urbanisation of rural areas, space for food production in India is decreasing

October 15, 2013

In near future the impact of high food price will show in terms of more malnourished


September 13, 2013

An analysis of Brazil’s last three elections suggests that people‚Äądo vote for parties for such initiatives, but only when these are backed by structural changes to ensure their continuity

August 14, 2013

It’s time we acknowledged ecological impoverishment as one of the poverty indicators


July 15, 2013

They have not offered an alternative path to development to reflect local aspirations

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