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In a first, a Bollywood commercial flick delves into a differently abled person's sexuality

The memoir celebrates Chhattisgarh but laments the lost opportunity for its inclusive and violence-free development

A fascinating account of the men who ply the emblematic boats of Banaras and embody its very essence

Say hello to good health with easy-to-make, delicious home-cooked food VIBHA VARSHNEY

Angel argues slowing down urbanisation will hurt the poor the most

How media has shaped people's understanding of environment

To give forest dwellers their due rights, forest governance must go beyond the environment and include the communities at stake

How we came to fear saturated fat

The gripping non-fiction shows how reality is actually more dramatic than the imagination

After trees of Delhi, filmmaker and tree lover Pradip Krishen finds his muse in Central Indian forests

The food we eat poses the biggest risk to the heart, yet the processed food industry is allowed to sell food high on fats, salt and sugar without hindrance

How happy are people living in cities?

How effective have been the interventions by government and donor agencies in water management?

Books>> Smashing Physics • by Jon Butterworth • Headline Press • Rs 700 (Kindle edition) and The Particle At The End Of The Universe • by Sean Carroll • One World • Rs 335

Book>> Five Hundred Billion Years Of Solitude • by Lee Billings • Penguin • Rs 799

Book>> Consider The Fork • By Bee Wilson • Basic Books • Rs 500

Book>> The Secret Life Of Sleep • by Kat Duff • Simon Schuster • Rs 1,050

Book>> Plague And Cholera • by Patrick Deville • Little Brown • US $17

Book>> The Life Of The Automobile: A New History Of The Motor Car •by Steven Parissien • Rs 550

Memoir>> My Brief History • by Stephen Hawking • Bantam • Rs 850

Book>> Empire’s Garden: Assam And The Making Of India •by Jayeeta Sharma • Permanent Black • Rs 695

Book>> Cooked: A Natural History Of Transformation • by Michael Pollan • Penguin • Rs 1,400

Book>> Writing On The Wall • By Tom Standage • Bloomsbury Press • Rs 1,590

Book>> Empire Antarctica: Ice, Silence & Emperor Penguins • by Gavin Francis • Allen Lane • Rs 1,200

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