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Radioactive contamination rises to record levels in Fukushima

Issue Date: Oct 21, 2014
The level of radioactive contamination in underground water near the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan rose to record levels after the country was hit by a typhoon last week, says Japan Broadcasting Corporation NHK.

Pastoral community in Kenya at high risk from climate change

Issue Date: Oct 21, 2014
Extreme weather events such as drought, torrential rains and floods are making life hard for the pastoral community in Kenya. This group is particularly vulnerable to the vagaries of climate change because of their low adaptability to unpredictable weather patterns.

Unable to contain poaching, South Africa shifts rhinos to secret locations

Issue Date: Oct 21, 2014
The South African government has started moving its rhinos to safer parts from Kruger National Park, after poachers killed 769 rhinos in the country this year. Gerry Swan, chairperson of the South African National Parks conservation and tourism committee, confirms that 20 rhinos were moved to secret locations last week.

New study finds link between diabetes and stress

Issue Date: Oct 21, 2014
A study conducted by the department of epidemiology and public health at University College London has found that there is a link between type-2 diabetes, increased exposure to stress and a weakened biological ability to recover from stress.

Northern white rhino on verge of extinction

Author(s): Rajat Ghai 
Issue Date: Oct 21, 2014
Northern white rhinoceros, the extremely rare subspecies of white rhino, moved one step closer to extinction last Friday, when one of the last breeding males died in captivity in a Kenya conservancy, media reports said.

LED bulbs to be available at Rs 10 instead of Rs 400

Issue Date: Oct 20, 2014
A Rs 400 LED bulb would be available for just Rs 10. Yes, that’s right, it's a steep discount of 97.5 per cent. And it is not part of any festival special megasale offer. It is part of a business model formulated by government’s Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) and Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL, a joint venture of public sector companies of Ministry of Power) along with electricity distribution companies.
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