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Special Report

Diesel: no answer to global warming

Issue Date: Sep 30, 1999
Whenever the issue of urban smog due to diesel exhaust emissions is raised, auto companies vie that diesel is the answer to reducing emissions of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), the main greenhouse gas. But the last bastion of the powerful diesel lobby collapsed with a new study saying that though it takes less diesel to run a vehicle per km, it still does not help save fuel and control carbon emissions. The study is from France, where almost every fourth car is diesel-fuelled.

Public vs profit

Issue Date: Sep 30, 1999
ioc's move to supply ulsd (with 0.05 per cent sulphur content) to the National Capital Region ( ncr ) of Delhi came as a pleasant surprise for those campaigning for the right to clean air. The company says it has also started supplying premium grade, lead-free, low benzene petrol ( lbp , with 0.92 per cent benzene) to the entire country.

Search for the lesser evil

Issue Date: Sep 15, 1999
that electoral politics and the environment do not mix well in India is a foregone conclusion. Lost in the maze of religion, casteism and regionalism, our politicians have no incentive to draw up plans to improve the natural environment, make promises based on these plans, fulfil those promises, and make political capital of it in the elections.

Tragedy unfolds in Turkey

Issue Date: Sep 15, 1999

Greening the industry

Issue Date: Aug 31, 1999


Issue Date: Aug 31, 1999
april 1, 2001 , the date set by the Supreme Court ( sc ) for the Delhi Transport Corporation ( dtc ) to convert its entire bus fleet to compressed natural gas ( cng ), is also All Fool's Day. And, going by the present state of affairs, it may well turn out to be so for dtc .


Issue Date: Aug 31, 1999
malboro , 555, Camel... cigarette shops stock them all for the increasingly brand-conscious Indian urban smoker. Foreign cigarette brands, which were available in select stores till a few years ago, are now being stored by almost every cigarette vendor. And they are no longer a "luxury" few could afford.

Manna from heaven

Issue Date: Aug 15, 1999
Every summer discussions in Delhi revolve around one word -- water or rather the lack of it. Citizens, almost unfailingly, lash out at the incompetence of the government to provide clean, potable water. The government, religiously, promises the sky. While charges and counter-charges are traded, concrete steps are put to the backburner. Now, experts are proposing sustainable systems like rainwater harvesting to mitigate this problem.

Beware flurosis is zeroing in on you

Issue Date: Aug 15, 1999

Shadowy presence

Issue Date: Jul 15, 1999
dark shadows loom large over the Indian Ocean. They are not monsoon clouds but a brown haze of pollutants caused by high concentrations of aerosols, tiny particles about a micron (one millionth of a meter) in diameter.
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