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Special Report

The dirty dozen

Issue Date: Aug 15, 1998
WHAT do you do with chemicals that poison the Earth, travel fast, and do not disintegrate easily? Known as Persistent Organic Pollutants or POPS, these are toxic organic compounds that have many agricultural and industrial applications.

Dying in stages

Issue Date: Jul 31, 1998
twenty years ago, the world received a major jolt when reports about the existence of the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (aids) virus was confirmed. It has spread so fiercely over the years that it now rivals history's deadliest epidemics -- plague and influenza. aids has gradually moved towards becoming the top five leading causes of death the world over.

The curse of coca

Issue Date: Jul 31, 1998
among the most tragic consequences of the drug war in South America is the destruction of the Andean jungle. A recent move to use a granular herbicide, called tebuthiuron or "spike", to put an end to coca cultivation has ignited a degree of opposition from environmental groups.

Unmasking the heat

Issue Date: Jul 15, 1998
W eather report 1997-98 : Fires engulf the bone-dry forests of Indonesia, tornadoes shred parts of the us , droughts sap the Australian outback, deadly storms lash China's coastal provinces, floods swamp the otherwise parched Ethopia, central Pacific islands receive a bumper harvest of seven cyclones, fires sweep across the fragile rainforests of South America and thousands of living beings the world over fall prey to the viole

Now, there is something

Author(s): Shobhit Mahajan
Issue Date: Jul 15, 1998

Is the Tehri dam safe?

Issue Date: Jun 15, 1998

An abduction foretold

Issue Date: Jun 15, 1998

People power

Issue Date: Jun 15, 1998

Knowledge seeks power

Issue Date: May 15, 1998
representatives of 180 countries are preparing to discuss the significance of traditional knowledge systems and their role in conservation and use of resources from May 4 to 16 at the Slovak capital of Bratislava.

A bean full of problems

Issue Date: May 15, 1998
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