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Special Report

Micro is big. Talk nano

Issue Date: Feb 15, 2000
with growing awareness of the detrimental effects of particulate matter on human health and environment, international research forums are faced with a number of concerns. One of the most important is to determine the size of particulate matter that has the most harmful effects on human health. Only this can determine the size of particles to be monitored on priority.

Blind to danger

Issue Date: Jan 31, 2000
ignorance is bliss. This seems to be the state of mind of the Indian government for several environment-related issues, including that of hazardous waste like phosphogypsum (pg). A byproduct of the fertiliser industry, pg is used liberally by the construction industry and its use is promoted by the government

In the pay of plastics

Issue Date: Jan 31, 2000
the sale of tea in mud kulhars by chaiwallahs up and down the country to the 11 million passengers who daily travel by train, has been - like so many of India's indigenous cultural habits, a guarantor of sustainable living, and a model for the industrialised world.

Profit at any cost

Issue Date: Jan 15, 2000
It is an issue that affects millions of consumers in the US . At stake are the interests of the pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and the government. For years, the pharmaceutical industry was profiting from a friendly government and non-powerful consumer organisations. Not anymore. Now, protests are beginning to be heard.

Dirty Rich City

Issue Date: Jan 15, 2000
tourists in Hong Kong are usually enthralled by the view of the territory from the top of the island. But often they are dismayed and disappointed by the thick blanket of smog that envelopes the cityscape. "Is it always this hazy?" wonders Margaret Martin, an Australian teacher visiting Hong Kong's "Peak" for a view of the city's harbour and the surrounding islands. No, usually the haze is much worse.

Diesel vs Cars Environment

Issue Date: Dec 31, 1999
the us-based Union of Concerned Scientists (ucs) have taken the petrol vs diesel debate head on in view of the public health implications of the expanding diesel market share following rising diesel car sales in the country. The organisation is dedicated to the advance of responsible public policies in areas where science and technology play a critical role.

Twice Unlucky

Author(s): Alka Sabharwal
Issue Date: Dec 31, 1999
the Bhotiya villages of Lata, Reni, Jumma and Dunagiri wear a deserted look. Many houses are vacant. Most of the houses that are inhabited are managed by women as the men have migrated to neighbouring towns to earn a living.

Brain drain

Issue Date: Dec 31, 1999
green vegetables are good for the health. How many times did our parents tell us this? But in days to come, the fresh leafy green vegetables may lose their place on the table, if we believe the latest findings. Recent studies have showed that at many places in India, vegetables are contaminated with heavy metals and pesticide residues.

Another crawl for humankind

Author(s): Anju Sharma
Issue Date: Dec 15, 1999
as the east coast of India was battered by the worst cyclone in years, and Cambodia and Vietnam faced the worst flooding in decades, governments from across the world were at a meeting in Bonn, carefully negotiating ways to wriggle out of commitments to control climate change.

Technical Problem!

Issue Date: Dec 15, 1999
in all probability, the Delhi government is going to miss the bus. With only five months left for the expiry of the Supreme Court's (sc's) deadline to convert 1,800 diesel buses which are more than eight years old to compressed natural gas (cng), the possibility of its implementation seems very remote. Till now, precious little has been done to frame the rules and regulations for the conversion of old buses.
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