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Andhra Pradesh

Tryst with rain

Issue Date: Oct 31, 2000
In our January 15, 2000 issue, Down To Earth had highlighted the situation in drought-struck areas of Gujarat. The conclusion was that villages with structures to harvest rainwater were faring much better than villages which had forgotten the value of rain (see: 'Standing the test of drought', Vol 8, No 16). They had enough water to drink; some had enough for irrigation, too.

What goes down must come up

Issue Date: Aug 31, 1999
in february 1999, a Delhi newspaper reported that a tubewell sunk to a depth of about 200 feet (61 metres) by Suruchi Dyeing Udyog, a factory south of the G T Road in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, was yielding yellow-coloured water. Arun Agarwal, the factory's owner, was quoted in the report as saying: "Initially, we thought it was surface impurities that came up with the water. But then we found it was the groundwater itself.

Where have the groves gone?

Author(s): Max Martin
Issue Date: Jun 15, 1996

Beads that can heat water

Issue Date: Jan 15, 2012
Describe your work We have developed beads containing cheap phase change materials. These Phase Change Materials (PCMs) store energy and release it by changing from solid to liquid and vice-versa. A large number of organic and inorganic PCMs are available in the market. The advantage of the beads is that they have high heat storage capacity in small size.

95 farm suicides in a month in Andhra Pradesh

Author(s): M Suchitra
Issue Date: Dec 29, 2011

People boycott magisterial inquiry into Sompeta, Kakarapalli firing

Author(s): M Suchitra
Issue Date: Dec 16, 2011
Sticking to their demand for an independent judicial inquiry into the incidents of police firing at Sompeta and Kakarapalli in Andhra Pradesh’s Srikakulam district, people’s organisations here boycotted the magisterial inquiry held on December 14. Around 20 people, who were reportedly local Congress leaders, attended the inquiry held at revenue divisional office at Tekkali, 70 kms from Sompeta.

Letters - December 31, 2011

Issue Date: Dec 31, 2011
Cautious Warning It appears that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has tightened its procedures in the hope of preventing errors in terms of the language used in its report (‘Future shock’, November 16-30, 2011).

Idea of farmer wisdom is relentlessly manipulated

Issue Date: Dec 15, 2011
You speak of a seed and pesticide treadmill that farmers are on. Why is it worrying?

Leprosy looms

Author(s): Sonal Matharu
Issue Date: Dec 15, 2011
In 2006, India boastfully declared it had eliminated leprosy, achieving the WHO target of less than 10 cases per 100,000 population. But a national sample survey in 2010-11 shows an alarming trend: annually 14 new leprosy cases are being detected per 100,000 population.

Farmers in tech trap

Issue Date: Dec 15, 2011
As vast tracts of cotton fields in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra turn into a suicide belt for farmers, there is increasing worry that the dizzying speed of technological change, both in seeds and pesticides, is leading to a critical problem for Indian farmers. Ever since GM or Bt cotton made its debut in 2002, farmers have been on a technology treadmill that is robbing them of their traditional agricultural wisdom that had earlier stood them in good stead. And scientists and academic researchers are warning that this is at the heart of the problem plaguing cotton cultivators, specially in rain-fed areas of the country where farmers have been trapped in a spiral of increasingly high input costs, although the success of the crop is dependent on the vagaries of the monsoon.
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