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Grapes sans charisma

Issue Date: Oct 31, 2005
How would you like a sip of French wine...genetically modified (gm)? The fear in the alification mars the product's appeal. France, famous for its resistance to gm food, recently planted its first gm vines in Alsace in a bid to fight the "court noue" virus that attacks nearly a third of the country's vines.

There are ample facts to support biotechnology

Issue Date: Oct 15, 2004
Is transgenic technology the only option to solve problems faced by agriculture today?

Nurturing the future

Issue Date: Dec 31, 2001
What is the need of regulating biotechnolgy? Biotechnology products have acquired a special significance today as they can be used to cure diseases where conventional drugs have failed. Unfortunately, despite a growing demand for these products, the existing regulations are not comprehensive enough to address the market needs adequately. What kind of guidelines should be formulated in this field?

Cotton conundrum

Author(s): Indira Khurana
Issue Date: Dec 15, 2001
THE Union government was fiddling, till the Bt cotton tangle became a burning issue. Even now — having dithered for five years and subjecting it to 400-odd field trials — the authorities have only set a tentative February 2002 deadline to decide on Bt cotton’s fate in India.

Solving poverty

Issue Date: Sep 30, 2001
How does vitamin A rice help solve poverty and malnutrition in developing countries?

Genomics could help cure cancer

Author(s): A Asha
Issue Date: Jun 15, 2001
You were a professor of computer sciences at the University of Arizona, usa , how did you move to the field of genomics and bioinformatics?

Biodiversity & ethics

Issue Date: Feb 15, 2000
THIS book records the proceedings of the satellite symposium on 'Biotechnology and biodiversity: scientific and ethical issues', held in November 1996 at the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, as part of the Second International Crop Science Congress.

A North-South conflict

Author(s): Indira Khurana
Issue Date: Dec 31, 1999
biotechnology and bioresources are two issues that have been in conflict for a while. Biotechnology, proposed as "the technology of the next century", has its proponents in the developed countries and users in developing countries. But with companies in the North taking the bioresources from the South, patenting them and selling them right back to the developing countries, biotechnology has now become a major area of North-South confrontation.

How Dolly was cloned

Issue Date: Nov 30, 1999
why are we reviewing a book on the history of molecular biology? Not because Michel Morange, who wrote it, is a professor of microbiology at the University of Paris VI and Ecole Normale superior, whatever that distinguished title means or because Matte Cob has done a great job of translating the book from French to English.

Genetically modified, and spreading

Issue Date: Jul 31, 1999
 Cultivation of genetically modified (GM) crops is increasingly becoming popular. Supporters of biotechnology feel that GM crops are the answer to the problem of food security and will curb the excessive use of harmful chemical pesticides.
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