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Heart Diseases

Fighting fire with fire

Issue Date: Nov 30, 2013
A DATA analysis has shown that the side effects of rosiglitazone, a drug to control blood glucose in patients with type-2 diabetes, get subdued when the drug is administered in combination with exanatide. One of the side effects of rosiglitazone is that it causes heart attack. The use of these two drugs in combination is found to have reduced the rate of heart attacks in rosiglitazone users.

Plane truth

Author(s): Smriti Sharma
Issue Date: Nov 30, 2013

Science and Technology - Briefs

Issue Date: Nov 15, 2013
CLIMATE SCIENCES Origin mystery deepens

Science and Technology - Briefs

Issue Date: Sep 30, 2013
TECHNOLOGY Water forecast We rely on weather forecasts to know how hot or cold next few days would be. A new forecast system can now predict changes in ocean ecosystem, too, months in advance. Known as J-SCOPE, it works by feeding data from global climate models into a coastal ocean and oxygen model that helps predict oxygen levels and other ocean water properties.

Science and Technology - Briefs

Issue Date: Jun 30, 2013
TECHNOLOGY Pixel power

Science and Technology - Briefs

Issue Date: Jun 15, 2013
HEALTH SCIENCES Saviour saliva A simple habit of sucking their toddler’s pacifier after it has fallen on the floor can help parents boost their kids’ immunity. Infants whose parents suck on the pacifier to clean it transfer microbes from their saliva to their children.

Science and Technology - Briefs

Issue Date: Mar 15, 2013

Letters - March 15, 2013

Issue Date: Mar 15, 2013
A seductive mirage We at Auroville Consulting have closely followed the “crashing down” of solar prices as mentioned in the editorial, “Clouds over solar” (January 16-31, 2013), and would like to share a few observations.

Wake up and smell the air

Issue Date: Mar 15, 2013
Our health is not on anybody’s agenda. Or, we just don’t seem to make the connections between the growing burden of disease and the deteriorating condition of our environment. We don’t really believe the science, which tells us each passing day how toxins affect our bodies, leading to high rates of both morbidity and mortality.

India’s Minamata

Issue Date: Oct 31, 2012
Saraju Nisha sits at the door of her house, about 500 metres from a mountain of coal mine waste in Chilika Daad village in Uttar Pradesh’s Sonbhadra district. The 60-year-old former miner is in deep pain.
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