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Andhra Pradesh

Menopaused 20-somethings

Author(s): Moyna
Issue Date: Jun 15, 2010
Jayamma’s uterus was removed two years ago—she was 18. Married at 12, she had children at 15 and 17 and she did not know she would undergo uterus removal surgery (hysterectomy) when she went to a doctor for pain in her lower abdomen.

Divided over royalty

Issue Date: Jun 15, 2010
Three state governments are waging a legal battle against the seed industry over prices of Bt cotton seeds. Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra have cases running in the state courts with the National Seeds Association of India for fixing prices of Bt cotton seeds.

Andhra wishlist

Regulate seed prices, royalties Fair compensation to farmers in case of substandard seeds Laws for fining seed producers selling substandard seeds Proper tests of imported seeds

Seed bill retake

Issue Date: Jun 15, 2010
THE Union agriculture ministry will redraft the seed bill following complaints by MPs, states and farmer groups. Their main grouse is that the bill, which aims to regulate the quality of seeds, does not monitor their prices, crucial for farmers.

Half a cervical cancer vaccine

Author(s): Ravleen Kaur
Issue Date: May 15, 2010
on april 7, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) stopped its cervical cancer vaccination drive in Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat, which it started in August last year. Several girls—10-14-year olds who were part of the vaccination drive—suffered side effects, and six died. The link between the vaccines and deaths has not been established. But health groups have alleged that ICMR’s vaccination project did not conform to the guidelines for clinical trials in India. In response, the ICMR  has commissioned an enquiry.    

In Court

Issue Date: Dec 31, 2009
More trouble for mining barons: The Union environment ministry has told the Supreme Court it is of the view that a survey should be done to measure the mine lease area of the Obulapuram Mining Company owned by Karnataka ministers, G Janardhana Reddy and G Karunakara Reddy. The ministry, in its affidavit, said the survey ought to be done by an independent central organization like the Forest Survey of India. The move comes a fortnight after the Supreme Courts Central Empowered Committee said the company was carrying out illegal mining operations on the Andhra Pradesh-Karnataka border.

In Court

Issue Date: Dec 15, 2009
CES Indicts Bellary Barons: The Central Empowered Committee that advises the Supreme Court on forest matters has slammed the company owned by two Karnataka ministers for illegal mining along the Andhra Pradesh-Karnataka border. The committee found that the Obulapuram Mining Company, owned by Karnataka tourism minister G Janardhana Reddy and his brother Karunakara Reddy, was mining in the forests outside the approved lease areas. The apex courts green bench will study the report and fix the mining area boundaries again.

After SEZs, nuclear power parks

Issue Date: Nov 15, 2009
mango orchards in Gujarats Bhavnagar district and paddy fields in Andhra Pradeshs Srikakulam district will disappear under nuclear power parks that will have eight power plants each. The government approved the projects in the last week of September. The US India Business Council (usibc), a trade group from Washington that lobbied hard for the sites, is upbeat.

Packaged water @ 10 paise/litre

Author(s): Bharat Lal Seth
Issue Date: Sep 15, 2009
Rural water supply scheme for Andhra has no room for public opinion; price may be hiked later villagers in Andhra Pradesh will soon get their drinking water supply in 20-litre plastic containers. The government has shortlisted five companies that would treat raw water and sell it to villagers. The government thinks this is the best way to supply safe drinking

Minimum nuclear liability

Issue Date: Aug 31, 2009
In case of accident, US does not want firms to pay it all nuclear reactor suppliers will not be liable if there is an accident in an atomic power plant in India. The onus of the accident would be on the operator, only partly. The rest would be on the Indian government. This, if India clears the Civil Nuclear Liability Bill. The bill, though, has not been put up for public discussions in India and its clauses are not known.
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