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Andhra Pradesh

Market hand

Issue Date: Dec 31, 2008
Andhra organic policy not for farmers ANDHRA PRADESH'S soon-to-be-finalized policy on organic farming has set off fears that rather than bringing down the cost of cultivation and making organic crops available at local level, it may end up making farmers market-dependent.

Shrimp does not pay

Issue Date: Dec 31, 2008

The last crop

Author(s): R Uma Maheshwari
Issue Date: Nov 30, 2008

Public purpose

Author(s): Kirtiman Awasthi
Issue Date: Oct 15, 2008
the government might find it easier to acquire land after a September 5 ruling of the Supreme Court. The court held that the state as a ''sovereign power can acquire land for public purpose". The word "public purpose" could include "industrial and other infrastructural development intended for the common good," a two-judge bench said.

Off course

Issue Date: Oct 15, 2008
Implementation the weak area in India's Hydrology Project Looks like it will take a long time to get hydrology data in the country, despite millions of dollars being spent on developing a hydrological information system. This is being done through a World Bank-funded Hydrology Project, which involves several central, state and private agencies.

Salt farmers

Issue Date: Aug 31, 2008
while the Andhra Pradesh government is yet to recognize salt makers as farmers, two recent government orders mention 'salt making' as 'farming' and the 'salt produced' as 'crop'. This has exulted salt farmers in Andhra Pradesh's Prakasam district.

RTI assessment

Author(s): Ravleen Kaur
Issue Date: Jun 15, 2008
An 85-year-old lady was having problems getting her passport. She needed it to go and live with her children abroad. The status, the website showed, was delivered. Visits to the passport office yielded little results. "We helped her draft a right to information (rti) application. When the department concerned was informed of the application, she got the passport immediately,"

Chirala saree weavers losing out to computer-aided designs

Issue Date: Apr 15, 2008
The loom in Aruna Kumari's badly lit, mud-walled house in Epurupalem village runs from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m., with either Aruna or her husband working at it constantly. Her ageing grandmother contributes by winding spools of yarn and joining threads of the weft for 10 hours daily. Together, the family produces 13 Chirala sarees with ornate, heavy-work pallu and border in a month, for a combined income of a little over Rs 4,000.

Public transport scores over private in Goa

Author(s): Nidhi Jamwal
Issue Date: Mar 31, 2008
Evidence against the efficiency of private transport system is mounting. Latest is a study of the transport system in Goa that punctures the perception that private operators provide better services than public undertakings.

Plague is spreading to new areas

Issue Date: Mar 15, 2008
plague cases are on the rise and are afflicting countries more frequently than before. A who report says there were around 1,900 cases worldwide in 2002, which increased to 2,100 cases in 2003. In India, 16 cases of pneumonic plague were identified in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, in 2002--after a gap of 20 years.
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