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Law of the Sea

UK moves off Antarctica for energy

Issue Date: Nov 30, 2007
The uk plans to claim sovereign rights over a million square kilometres of the remote seabed off Antarctica. The move is believed to be a prelude for seeking exploration rights over potential hydrocarbon and mineral deposits around the South Pole.

Will the Arctic be conquered?

Issue Date: Sep 30, 2007
the Arctic was a fashionable destination this summer. A team of Russian researchers planted their country's flag there in August. The Canadians went there, so did the Danes, even India sent an expedition recently. The Indians, though, do not claim any slice of the Arctic; not so far, at least. But Canada, Denmark, Norway, Russia and the us do, and there is every chance that imperialist designs over the North Pole have been rekindled.

Arctic rush driven by desire to control hydrocarbon deposits, shipping routes

Issue Date: Sep 30, 2007
In 1937, Ivan Papanin led an expedition that planted the Soviet flag on the North Pole. He was feted by Stalin and lionised as a Soviet hero. In early August this year, the Kremlin honoured Artur Chilingarov similarly after the deputy leader of the Russian Duma had led two mini-submarines to the bottom of the Arctic Ocean beneath the North Pole and planted the Russian flag there. Call it the sweepstakes of global warming. As ice caps


Issue Date: Mar 15, 2000
The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea has ordered the release of the ship Camouco registered in Panama and its Spanish master against a security of us $1.2 million. The vessel, licensed to catch Patagonian toothfish, was arrested by a French frigate for illegally fishing in the exclusive economic zone of the Crozet Islands (French Southern and Antarctic Territories) in September last year. The crew had left earlier except for a few members who remained to maintain the ship.

Ban on Japan sought

Issue Date: Sep 15, 1999
australia said it was seeking an injunction to halt "experimental" fishing by Japan for southern bluefin tuna. Australia has accused Japan of using science to disguise commercial fishing and is seeking a declaration from the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea that the experimental fishing programme is illegal.

Deep sea blues

Issue Date: Apr 30, 1999

In safe waters

Issue Date: Aug 31, 1998
THE us Navy, oil industry and telecommunication giants are trying hard to take the Law of the Sea Treaty out of the 'deep freeze' as the nation is still to ratify it. The deadline for ratifying the treaty, an international agreement on regulating commerce, navigation and exploration on and beneath the oceans, ends on November 16, 1998. Till now 125 countries have ratified.
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