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Healthy maa Ganga needs healthy sisters

Posted on: 5 Jun, 2014
Varuna and Assi,  the two tributaries of river Ganga that gave Varanasi its name and together defined the original extent of the city  are fighting for survival in the face of unbridled pollution and encroachment of their flood plains and the river beds

Environment: A People's Perspective

Posted on: 22 Mar, 2014
Justice is a central component of the conceptual transition from human development to sustainable human development and  a similar concern for justice must extend within generations as is conceded across generations. The capabilities, needs and well being of the poor, who are the most excluded and also the most vulnerable to environment ravages, becomes central to the concept of sustainable human development

Discontinuous functions and environmental regulation

Posted on: 2 Jan, 2014
Environmental economics generally employs marginal logic. This is often useful for conceptual demonstrations even if not always literally proffered for policy. This paper argues that more realistic discontinuous schedules, arrived at by drawing on the development economics literature, have interesting and counter-intuitive policy implications. The cases examined suggest more stringent environmental regulations and the use of continuous fine functions.
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