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FDI in India

As the debate on foreign direct investment (FDI) gets under way in Parliament, Down To Earth presents a selection of articles that examine the fallout of allowing FDI in India



Exposing the rhetoric behind campaign for consumer rights

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Foreign investment in existing pharma companies will be allowed with riders

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Final decision to be taken by Cabinet soon

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Since the 1990s developing nations have been on a treaty spree, signing a vast number of bilateral and regional investment treaties

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There is no evidence that global retail chains ensure better prices for farmers or help bring down inflation

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P Chengal Reddy is general secretary of the Consortium of Indian Farmers Association (CIFA)

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Government bailouts planned for Vijay Mallya’s floundering airline are proof of how well crony capitalism is working in India

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FDI in multi-brand retail will fight inflation, check the small trader and help farmers get better prices? That’s quite a task

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Urban consumer may benefit, but what about marginal farmers and the environment?

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Economic survey ignores the recommendation








I want FDI !

I want FDI in making indian roads, bcs none of the government departments and engineers are capable to make a road which can last for 2-3 years. Here we need some hi tech foreign technology from the indian labours who are going to gulf countries and making roads. In FDI at least the company will be accountable for the quality of roads and the toll tax they will be collecting to maintain and build roads. Comparing to the toll tax collected by ministers company even after the the toll period is expired.
FDI will kill as per some people thin, but to get killed we need to be alive now the Indian roads are killing.
I feel shame when i drive on roads and see the leveling of the road is passed by an goverment engineer which we can easily reject with naked eyes.

Need FDi in making roads, garbage recycle. Not for selling farm vegetables in a supermarket.

13 July 2013
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