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Water watch since 3000 BC

Oct 31, 2012 | From the print edition

Online>> www.worldwater.org

imageWATER, one of our most critical resources, is under threat. The importance of water to life means that providing for water needs and demands will never be free of politics.

The website under review is an effort initiated by American non-profit Pacific Institute to understand the connections between water resources, water systems and international security and conflicts.

It offers a chronology of water conflicts worldwide since 3000 BC and how they have impacted human history. The portal provides latest data on water resources and an analysis of significant events, which can help policymakers, activists and responsible citizens protect and preserve freshwater around the globe.

As a helping tool, the site has essential references and resources, from international water laws to water initiatives worldwide.


Congratulations to the Team for bringing out such innovative website with dynamic data base. Yes, WATER is the most human critical need and life cannot be imagined with out WATER. We all needs to preserve this PRECIOUS resource as it is simple and only needs out concern & commitment.

The impact is more in the developing countries and make SAVING WATER as a HABIT which results for wonderful results.

Looking forward to see the Availability, Accessibility and Affordability of WATER for the health and wealth of the People & Environment.

18 October 2012
Posted by
Lakshmi Narayana Nagisetty

Sunita Narayan's article "A tale of two cities" is a beautiful picturisation of what is happening in India's far East and yet the Government keeps mum. In fact none has care for country rather than their own parties, which are superior to the interest of the country. Assam needs infrastructure and attention more than any other State in the country because it is not far from China, which once threatened the integrity of the country. Though the garbage is everywhere in the States of India, because people are ignorent here but the garbage in Assam needs a rapt attention of Government of India. Let's hope that Narayan's article shall rouse the spirit of our leaders to this end.

21 October 2012

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