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Special Report

What rural water supply guidelines say

  • Adequate water supply received by households to be the criterion for being declared fully covered habitation; the earlier criterion was installation of water source
  • Village supply schemes to be planned, implemented, operated and maintained by panchayats
  • Village water and sanitation committees to be key local users
  • Monthly social audits of PHEDs by gram sabhas
  • Certificate about satisfactory completion of the schemes to be obtained from women’s groups
  • Village water security plans to be treated as elemental to designing sustainable, community-driven water schemes
  • Social regulation of water used for agriculture, to ensure enough supply for drinking
  • Convergence with the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) for ensuring quality drinking water; with the Total Sanitation Campaign; and with the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme for construction and rejuvenation of ponds


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