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India's water warriors
Meet the tireless workers who are battling odds to save rivers and water bodies in their cities and states
Down To Earth
Ranjan Panda
Currently leading a campaign to save the Mahanadi and pressing for changes in water policy
Down To Earth
Irfan Yasin
His organisation has been working to restore the picturesque Dal lake of Srinagar
Down To Earth
Yogesh Jadeja
He reinvented traditional systems of water management in the arid Bhuj and Kachchh regions
Down To Earth
Manu Bhatnagar
Involved in urban lake restoration and watershed development projects
Down To Earth
Campaigning to save Chite river in Aizawl from pollution and encroachment
Down To Earth
Jasveen Jairath
Using legal route to save the lakes of Hyderabad threatened by real estate, encroachment
State of affairs
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