Tuesday 29 April 2014

Author(s): Jyotsna Singh

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  • Taking care of the elderly in

    Taking care of the elderly in India is no doubt a big problem with increasingly societal changes like nuclear-family system and economic need for young people to move out and look for job at a place other than their home-town/village. While I don't have easy solution for the currently elderly, I have these suggestion for all those working people under 60 years of age. You need to take care of yourselves, thus 1) Plan for saving for future healthcare needs first, do not depend upon children or government to take care of it. 2) do not spend life's saving in marriage ceremony of children. 3) Spend all your monetary resource in giving good education to children, but refrain from planning for giving them land/house and savings. You need to take care of yourselves in old age, no one can!!!

    Posted by: Anonymous | one year ago | Reply
  • Old people need more care and

    Old people need more care and love. In current world it is impossible for their children to care their parents much. So,it may result in depression. In addition to this, old people need others help to go out and full fill their personal needs. In the absence of their children, it will be very difficult for them to maintain their daily routine. In addition to this they may feel loneliness by sitting idle at their home. It is because of their lack of mobility. It affect their relationships with others and things get worst.

    Posted by: Anonymous | one year ago | Reply
  • As you age, it gets harder

    As you age, it gets harder and harder to accomplish even the simplest of daily tasks and therefore our aged parents are going to need help. They were they to help us walk when we took our first steps, so it would be apt for us to be there for them. However, it's not always possible to be there as we need to work and look after our own kids. The best option would be to have in home care services organized. This would be really cool as you would be able to see your parents every day if they're staying with you

    Posted by: Anonymous | one year ago | Reply
  • The old parents are younger

    The old parents are younger ones in their olden days and the younger ones will be old in the near future, it is a cycle and every old parent has the right to depend on their children for their needs at certain age. No one can deny this fact, but with the growing culture, there are lot of changes taking place in the society where money is driving the society instead of relationships. People are helpless, because if they are to enjoy the luxuries then they should work hard to earn more money.

    Posted by: Anonymous | one year ago | Reply
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