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March 31, 2008

The water-purifier industry is a flourishing market. Add to that a gamut of technologies and tall claims. The question is if consumers are informed enough to make appropriate choices; and whether there are regulations. And what about the fundamental problem of bad water quality?

December 31, 2004

In Chennai, a desperate hunt to source water. The official and expensive fantasy of tapping rivers holds politicians in thrall. Its a borewell bash out there. Tankers are legion. An exclusive survey to find out how people cope

February 28, 1999

Too many plans, too little water

March 31, 1994

There are both in Delhi - criminal waste, unendurable want. And in this city of verdant veneers, nowhere does the callous politics of dispossession show its slip more than in the titanic economics of water. Water led the way to the formation of cities; the misuse of it can undo the best of them as well.

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