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Lime shell mining is more dangerous than any other mining which need to be banned, to protect the sea food and fisher man. If you closely watch lime shell mining in Tadri, Gokarna, karnataka these owners (Vinayak Ramakrishna Kawari, G M Nayak, Pradeep Nayak and many more) have mined more than Rs 500 Crore worth lime shell in 1600 acre KIADB Government area. Do you think, people like you and me will be able to stop. Even the judiciary failed to take any action.

By Gajanan Bhat

Dear Madam

Pls prove that oxo are fully biodegradable......Your statements are very general regarding oxo....."If oxo are this , if oxo are that" prove that there exists a biodegradation process and CO2 is evolved.

By Ashwin Patel
June 26, 2015 | Dissent and democracy

I think, there should be another alternative to this problem.Rejecting and banning those NGO's who are genuinly working in welfare ,environment,human rights etc. are very crucial for the development of a country.And NGO's cannot without any funding. But govt. also have to look at the internal security and stability of it's country.That's why they are banning those having foreign funds.Instead, what should govt. should do that they should regulate the foreign funding and foreign collabartion and operations of a particular NGO.If they think that a particular NGO cannot run in this country if it's receiving funding or having any kind of support which is linked to enemy country,or it can lead to some internal problems,govt. should take steps to curb down these activities.It would be in interest of both.

By aarush rajput

Why does minimum temperature increase by 2-3 degree celsius ?

By Anonymous
June 25, 2015 | How smart is a smart city?

...India reside in Villages!!! and migrating to big cities in search of education and jobs for children. If we create Smart Small Towns with smart education and employment system for children in these smart towns, there is no need of Big Smart Cities. Let us think of Smart small Theme Based Towns !!!

Sharma RD

By eF

The real problem here is parents who either fail to understand or don't really care about the health hazards associated with packaged foods in general. Most of these products sell well because they are convenient. If these selfish parents took more care, these products would be less popular in the market.

By GaRa

One horned Rhino population in Kaziranga is not declining. I visited the sanctuary in Jan this year. The ranger said that the population had increased beyon limit of the sanctuary. You would like to recheck.

By N Kanitkar

Excellent. Modi Government could get a lot of publicity on International Yoga Day diverting attention on rising prices(Red gram is fast going out of reach of the people due to the rising prices in the retail market. Red gram, which was priced at Rs. 35 a kg in March, is now being sold at Rs. 96 a kg in the retail market). Some time back SWATCH BHARAT started with Bang and the initial thrust over. Country means people, not soil. Mere slogans won't take us anywhere. More over there is criticism on Yoga Day from other people than Hindus in many cases.

By Dr.A.Jagadeesh

bro now plzz don't start preaching the do's and dont's of yoga here.if someone is posting an article here he would be knowledgeable enough regarding all that.what you are saying is true but what she is saying and in what perspective you must try to have a clear understanding about that.It was truly a publicity stunt and nothing else like all other modi schemes which have exaggeration but no solid background. They even tried to take communal advantage in the name of vice president mr. hamid ansari.Don't know with this what they were trying to promote.....yoga or polarisation.

By Anonymous

This is one another book, similar to World Bank, CGIAR, etc publications linking global warming to all ills of the society. They even don't understand the basic difference between climate change and global warming and go on harping on climate change. Protein issue --- our traditional agriculture linked to animal husbandry was a nutrition rich diet. To benefit multinational companies interest to amass wealth, we replaced such technology with poor quality food producing chemical inputs technology. This is unsafe food. We are producing food with polluted water and is unsafe food. Now, to protect the interests of MNCs every other day books and reports are dumped in to the society attributing the problems to climate change, a scapegoat. Temperature - water -- yield --- As back as 1993 I openly criticized a publication appeared in an international journal relating temperature rise and rainfall changes to productivity and my comments were published in 1995 issue of the journal. In tropical countries moisture is the limiting factor while extra-tropical countries energy is the limiting factor. The models used to predict the production changes with changes in temperature and rainfall present high error variations over the changes expected from such changes in temperature and water. The main issue is crop has two components, namely growth and development. To meet the development needs of a place, we have varieties and thus control the temperature.

Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

By Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy
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