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April 16, 2014 | A cool idea

Avikal Somvanshi,

My experiment went waste....can u delete my above post.

The fact is I bought the thremocal sheet of 3mm..and Tried to stick it with a adhesive tape...but it did not with stand the air and it flew in the air ....so from that day till today ...their was no change in the temperature at all.

My current problem is I am unable to stick the thermocal sheet to the roof-Floor...because of the dust and hot temperature the tape does not hold to the roof floor...

What I have decided is to Stick the corners of the Thermocal sheet with adhesive tape and then put Fevicol on the Roof Floor and also on the adhesive tape part and then try to stick to the roof floor...

so that Adhesive tape which is already STRONGLY binding/sticking to the thermocal it will also help me stick to the rooffloor much stronger...

If u did not get what I explained here..let me know I will post few photos for you to understand what I am facing.

By vinay
April 16, 2014 | Concealed trade

We can confirm the UK-based Rakuten’s Play.com does not sell elephant ivory or whale meat products. On April 1 2014, in accordance with the March 31 2014 ruling by the International Court of Justice, Japan’s Rakuten Ichiba asked merchants to cancel sales of whale meat products on their marketplace. Rakuten has also requested these merchants to remove all related items from their online shops within 30 days.

By Rakuten's Play.com

Thanks for highlighting the issue of ICFRE, one of the premier institution in the field of forest and environment. The same was also highlighted in the year 2000. Today, when environment is a vital issue, Government of India should take strong step to revive the functioning of the council for strengthening the science by applying a very positive and balance approach. Today the issue of forest, hydrology, Catchment Area Treatment, water and food security, forest productivity, tribal development, climate change, Environmental Impact Assessment, and biodiversity is a need of hour and pertinent in the context of economy and environment at national and international level. The premier council having presence across the country and having capacity to excel in the respective field can contribute immensely. However, the council has been kept a side, despite the recommendations of Planning Commission, Forestry Commission and several requests of ICFRE serving associations made to the Secretary to the Government of India, Honorable MoS and PMO. Honorable President of India compare our R&D with other developing countries like China, but do not provide corrective measure to the bureaucratic functioning and pathetic conditions of R&D institution of the country. The re-orientation of ICFRE in line with ICAR/CSIR has once again been high lighted by the Planning Commission in XII plan documents of GoI. But, no serious efforts have been made so far by the Government. I feel that your concern with forest and environment science will motivate the higher authorities of GoI at top level to adopt the ICAR system in true spirit to excel the ICFRE at national and international level and contribute in the field of forest and environment science.

By Sudhir Kumar

It's good to see that at least one authority in india is working properly. Since last few year, SC is working as a torch bearer for the various reform in india. I am very hopeful that i will see other major decisions from honorable SC.

By Vinod
April 15, 2014 | Debating science risks

In India rarely we appreciate innovative research in Scientific Laboratories, Universities etc. The Top Brass(in some cases Mediocres) feel insecure if they encourage innovative research by juniors, hence suppress it.I have seen in my 40 years involvement Science & Technology research, hardly any laboratory or Government agency appreciates progressive research. Hundreds of letters addressed to Government and Scientific Laboratories, not even an acknowledgement is given. On the other hand I could get immediate response even from Nobel Laureates abroad. They have an open mind. My Blog is more popular in US than in India.

In India the CRAB Rule very much prevails. That is why the best brains migrate to other countries. The solid foundation for Science and Technology was laid by political will of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru and Smt. Indira Gandhiji.
There is abundant talent available in the country. It is the Government/Private sector which should tap it. Though there was much talk of Creation of Rs 5000 Crore Innovation Fund, nothing has happened in the field. Any Nation’s progress depends on their people's creativity, innovation and Invention. One Invention by Edison transformed the world's power of lighting.

As regards China,I visited China 6 times in the last 12 years and could see the tremendous development in all fields there. The country added about 2 lakh MW power in One year which India could not achieve since Independence ! India Started Wind energy in 1985 and has about 21000 MW installed capacity, China started in 2003 and tops the world with around 70,000MW. What I find interesting and amazing about Chinese is their ability to design multiple uses of different gadgets. But General criticism of Chinese consumer goods is that the quality is poor. But one should not forget the fact that Indians want Cheap price and best quality which are diametrically opposite. I have some of the Chinese Solar Gadgets which I have been using for years and they can beat any country's quality but costs more.
China also leads the world in Solar PV and Solar Thermal.
In India we need to THINK BIG, Think Innovatively and march ahead to be the World leader but cannot content with being imitators. India has the resources, resourcefulness but only lack Political will to promote Top Quality Research in all fields. Thanks to the reforms brought out under the Prime Ministership of Shri P.V.Narasimha Rao, the country has opened a new chapter in industrialisation and that has to be consolidated further.
Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore (AP),India
E-mail: anumakonda.jagadeesh@gmail.com

By Dr.A.Jagadeesh

About time....

By Terakchi K. Marak

Thanks for the report. You have already published the same story long back in your magazine. The report published has the facts. But,in ICFRE and MoEF adminstartion, it is a routine, no body cares for such reports.Regarding favourtism, one very good example is Transpot Allowance paid to deputation officers. As per Ministry of Finanace OM - F.No.21(2)2008-E-II (B) dated 5-3-2009, the transport allowance to the deputation officers appointed as Director/equivalent in the centre governement carrying of Rs.10,000/-grade pay under the scheme of non functional upgradation are to be given Transport allowance @ Rs.3200 pm+DA. However, all the officers in ICFRE, FRI, IGNFA, COSFOS, FSI at Dehradun and other institutes of MoEF across the country are paid Transport allowance @Rs.7000/- +DA (more than the double at the cost of public money. another example is 30% teaching allowance in COSFOS and WII, Dehradun. These are the facts which prevails in the MoEF.

By Kumar S

When a Director of an ICFRE institution of key south Indian city himself orders cutting of three seed source trees (proven trees of valuable genetic content) in his own campus and even attempts to manhandle the officiating forest officer, (junior in the rank) what else can be expected about this institution. They have not only ruined research but education of forestry as well in this country. The damage that has been done to forests/forest resources of the country due to mishandling men, money and scientific materials is enormous and CAG should actually initiate the amount of damage done by this trend. Forestry Entrepreneurship is at nadir in this country and they are not allowing many good meaning international mechanism to take root in this country. Fellows who have enjoyed these benefits at the cost of scientifically trained man-power need to pay back their kitty. It is irony that IGNFA which sits in the heart of campus itself seems to be immune to any research ideas some time. ICAR had tough time fighting IFS egos at the start of forestry education in this country and IFS wanted scientists to be trained in 'Forest Academies'!!! Finally unless India plans to dismantle UPSC style cadres, it will be same story year after year. Bureaucrat they name is Teflon.

By girish pujar

Yes the project surely needs to be scrapped if the government is really interested not to make the life of farmers living in Sutlej valley miserable. Even other such hydel projects should be reviewed because the ecology and environment of valley is being adversely affected by such projets.

By Amar
April 14, 2014 | Guar mine

hi sir ,
i manjunatha studying phd in agricultural economics, university of agricultural sciences raichur, karnataka.i am taken research topic regarding guar production and market potentiality in north eastern karnataka.i need your help to further continuation of this study.
thanking you

By manjunatha
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