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March 2, 2015 | Return of scented wood

is it possible to grow in UP? kindly give the more information to plant Sandalwood. can u explain regarding the soil which is required for this.


By Manoj Singh.

PC Chidambaram in his 2013 budget speech was very candid to admit that in matters of agriculture sectors critical understanding he was dependent on the holy trinity of Saint Tiruvalluvar, the Chief Economic Advisor (CEA) and Eminent Agricultural Sceintists. FM Arun Jaitely did reveal any such proclivities. However, given his preference for following the Economic Survey assessment CEA appears to be certainty in terms of knowledge domain inputs. Since the Economic Survey 2014-15 is modeled on US factory farms for sustaining JAM and WET-FEE relegating rural economy to mere numbers is an evident 'fake optimism' in the Budget 2015.

We need to recall, however, that during NDA-1 period the then FM had brought in decentralised procurement, model APMC Act and Fiscal MoUs between the states and centre. Similarities with Budget 2015 is certainly not incidental.

By Prof. J. George
March 2, 2015 | Return of scented wood

Dear Sir, I am from Punjab. Is it possible to plant sandalwood in punjab ? I want to know more about state and central govt. rules & regulations for the same and for subsidy ?

Please advice


By lakhbir singh
March 2, 2015 | Vanishing Eden

I have visited Keoladeo NP two years ago for a study under UNESCO World Heritage Programme ...have noticed that with drought repeating every year and increase of invasive species both territorial and aquatic were serious problems. Though several measures were planned like water from Govardhan dam, Chambal drinking water project but present report suggests these measures are yet to give result. At that time we noticed that birds were found in satellite wetlands in and around Bharatpur.. Can anyone please tell whether bird number has increased in the satellite wetlands? Also, proper study need to be done on deterioration of Keoladeo as it receives good fund and good management for a small National Park - SEJUTI SARKAR DE, Society for Natural Resource Management and Community Development (SNRMCD).

By Sejuti Sarkar De

RKVY in operational terms certainly is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS) thereby earning the sobriquet among implementing state government as Rashtriya Kosh se Vyarth Vyaya Yojana. However the official RKVY website say it is not CSS but ACA-Additional Central Assistance- that gives implementing states the required space for ideation design and implementing state specific schemes subject of course to approval by the high powered hawk committee in Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi. As a result we see a delectable spectacle of ornamental fish farming, Canine health care, Jeep for rural commute,construction of camp offices, etc. getting approved as legible schemes during its first phase. Besides, State governments were found to be in heavy deficit of sending utilisation certificates.
A look at the scheme list will indicate the strong disconnect between Krishi Bhawan and the state's production landscape as well as the robust arms twisting protocol adopted by the very visible hands of the babudom in the centre.

By Prof. J. George

Is a comparison chart among manufactures of LED on price & performance available for different wattage of LED Bulbs?

By rakesh kumar jain

As the thrust area of NDA government is urban infrastructure development, they need more labour and thus need more rural to urban migration. As part of this strategy, NDA government put more burden on agriculture starting from July 2014 budget. They increased ticket changes by 14.2% and on goods 6.5%. In the present railway budget, they added 10% on urea, grains/pulses -- food items & agriculture. This makes the farming nonviable.

Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

By Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

It has been very rightly pointed out that there is a requirement to for equal and in fact more emphasis on Bidis .The article very aptly brings out the flaw which needs to be rectified soon only then the social costs will decline.

I feel that it is important to help switch the people who earn their livelihood from these activities,to gain employment by effective skill development (via skill India mission ) in tandem with MNREGA.

Also there is a need to effectively implement the guidelines regarding display of warnings on the boxes.

Moreover the tax sops will be helpful in the long run only when effective moral counseling is done for proper tax prudence among the masses.

By Ankita
March 1, 2015 | Return of scented wood

Is it possible to have more information if interested to plant Sandalwood? My native place is Bihar. I need to know more about state and central govt. rules regulations. Where to get better varities of sapplings? and other related additional information connected to it. Thanks!

By Upendra Kumar
March 1, 2015 | Is sewage farming safe?

This ban is illogical. Even when sewerage water is used the plants takes only the chemicals in it as fertilizers and hence there is no health issue involved. If seweage water cannot be used then it cannot be released to river or sea even after treating the same for safety. Plants have better mechanism than human's instruments to absorb only the safe elements from sewerage water.

By Ahalya
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