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Many of us are not aware of NOTA. Using NOTA by Karur farmers is not a good idea. The problem is with the dye industry and the farmers have to organize all the local political leaders for the cause.

By Vincent Jain

Protest for rights is good. That is only the way asset our rights in front of our Govt. Hope the government and educational authorities will take some Good actions.

By Pradip

Thanks for flagging issue of ICFRE. What is being done in the name of research in ICFRE Headquarter is ridiculous.The Information furnished by the DDG of Directorate of Education & Policy vides her letter No. 6-40/06/RIA/Edu/ICFRE/154 dated 4th April under RTI Act 2005 corroborates the popular prevalent definition of "Forest" in the campus i.e. "For Rest". The DDG has happily intimated that her directorate has been unable to publish a single research paper in peer reviewed international journal during past many years. Similar pathetic situation is of Biodiversity Conservation Division as is reflected through perusal of information furnished in another RTI. What seems to be common about officers working therein is that most of them are involved in financial impropriety to academic bungling. The burning example of a Ph. D. degree awarded to one of the former DG by himself speaks voluminous over autocratic malpractices being adopted by this class of officers for their vested interests. Such a bad conduct of these officers has not only given bad name to other IFS officers working elsewhere in the field but has also put a big question mark on the credibility of ICFRE itself. My working with the organization suggests that the agency has potential of addressing burning issues of climate change, biodiversity, food and water security, livelihoods, etc. while maintain ecological balance simultaneously provided it undergoes scientific surgery which allows potential but marginalized scientists to work independently. On the other hand, pseudo-scientists who unfortunately abounds in the ICFRE system needs to be sidelined.

By Dr Hilaluddin
April 21, 2014 | Perilous port

Clearly, Cochin Port isn't profitable because its far from the international shipping route and is not even considered as an option by the bigger vessels that continue to prefer Colombo. Here is why an International Harbour in Trivandrum makes more sence due to its proximity to the ISR. A major port in TVM will provide enough competition to Colombo which by the way handles almost 85% of the container transport within South Asia. So with a decent infrastructure in place TVM will attract a major portion of that because India contributes to over 70% of the container transhipment at the colombo port. India also is the biggest consumer and manufacturer in South Asia.

Concerns about tourism and fisher men getting affected is pointless. Please go to places like Dubai, Singapore or Beirut and you'll see major mega ports, fishing harbours and tourist beaches all functioning peacefully in close proximity! All it takes is some sensible planning and sure fishermen and tourists will not be affected by the port. And also, those 500 new jobs mentioned is not true. A major port will employ over 1500 direct staff and many other temporary workers. Several other adjascent businesses will spring up in and around the port that will employ thousands. So we are talking about employment opportunities to atleast 200000 people apart from the millions we save from not using the Colombo Port.

So we can either make use of this opportunity OR keep worrying about fishermen who by the way will lose nothing if planned properly.

I strongly think TVM Port should be opened ASAP even if that means they close down the enitre maritime operations in Cochin, which by the way, is still on loss even after 30 years!

By Hemant

This is a very welcome sign which shows that NOTA can lead to big changes. The farmers must be congratulated for this bold decision to show the door to the corrupt politicians in all the political parties. The pollution problems in TN are particularly due to the highly corrupt TNPCB which has to be completely sanitized first.

By Anonymous

It is quite appropriate to read the following article in this context -- "Telling 'Noble Lies' about climate change will backfire" http://wattsupwiththat.com/2014/04/18/telling-noble-cause-lies-about-cli... Doing the right things for wrong reason is a serious mistake by Tom Harris in PJMedia of 18th April 2014.

By Dr. S. Jeevananda Reddy

I am glad this blog made this telling commentary about northern agenda becoming prominent and aggressively vended through the three WG reports. It was most blatantly displayed in the WG2 SPM as well and literally gave short shrifts ti the Indigenous knowledge domain inputs. Is it worthwhile to hope that by October 2014 the ASR5 will bring in some sanity and recognise upfront the imminence of CDR in climate change narratives.

By Prof. J. George

Dear Dr. Narain

A well-written article spooked by some data such as misleading per capita emission between developed and developing countries; developing nations always lose out on population. It shows the old war between Malthus and Marx; and Malthus still wins on scares resources vs. population. Surely in the last 65 years India has engaged in more gimmicks than good governance. Our leaders talk big in international forums, come back and forget to act on commitments. Frankly speaking our NGOs are not as strong as those in the West. They are more concerned with semantics like "secularism" than fighting a crusade against malnutrition, stopping mining illegal or otherwise, forcing the government to go for renewable green energy etc. India depends on automobile boom to sustain her economy. Can she dump coal and steel for only nuclear energy? Not. We have more negative NGOs to go on Dharna for media space.

By S R Ganguli

I am just wondering over the timeline for a true implementation of this act.
In what time it will get implemented nationally at hospitals,schools,colleges, forms, public toilets and at other required places ?

By Altamash
April 18, 2014 | Stream of ash

I am surprised that the Kothagundam thermal power plant is not adhering to basic pollution norms. The local PCB is expressing helplessness. This is shocking because PCBs have enormous powers to stop polluting industries and have used their power to close polluting industries. Either the local PCB lacks the courage to force the power plant or is a puppet in the hands of the local government which is running the KTPS. I have seen clean thermal power plants which have stacks clean and without any pollutant other than of course carbon dioxide. Dry fly ash from such plants is being readily used for cement production. KTPS should be forced to adapt such measures within a stipulated time say 6 months failing which it should be closed. If this causes power shortages in the state, let the State Government make proper arrangements.

By H S Gopal
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