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June 20, 2013 | Pedestrian questions

What might work in favour of children, pedestrians, hawkers, shoe shine boys, street vendors and even beggars is to quickly 'pedestrianise' markets and shopping areas where feasible and perhaps link central assistance to urban bodies or TCP departments to performance on this count. The nuisance is cars and once these are removed from specified areas, other options like improving such spaces and making them greener and cleaner would have a chance. For example, the inner circus of Connought Place in Delhi can be pedestrianised without the government having to fall. Look at the user friendliness of Sector 17 in Chandigarh after it has been pedestrianised. Many clogged footpaths would then gradually become free for walking.

By Vinay Tandon

I partially agree and partially don't on this article.

Expansion of hydel projects can be contributing to floods and disasters up to some extent. These should be constructed on benefit/risk analysis in hilly areas like Uttarakhand.

But, one can't object to religious tourism in the name of floods and disasters. Instead, we need to focus on how to reduce if not avoid the impact of tourism religious or otherwise. Best thing to do is environmental friendly ways to achieve these.

I am all for strictest environmental controls like Electric vehicles only, No Plastic and No use and throw items, proper diversions of streams in case of floods, No permanent structures on unstable areas, high levies and fees for all vehicles (private and public), No cutting of the hills for roads (instead workarounds) and other similar ideas.

By Truth Speaks

The dam budget has been revised to 3200 crores...

By Amitabh Patra
June 19, 2013 | Farmer’s pod luck

Hamne bhi yahi variety 2 hectare main lagai hai

By nilesh patidar

Down To Earth has been in the forefront in focusing attention of Extreme Weather and Climate Change. While Global Warming is the CAUSE,Climate Change is the EFFECT.
Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India

By Dr.A.Jagadeesh

Well written article. With the mindless promotion of tourism and its ecological cost, may be its a disservice to visit these places at will.

By Anonymous
June 19, 2013 | Transition failure

Hearty congratulations and most sincerest thanks to the team for doing really Down to Earth Story.
The UPA is the worst government India has ever had but it is destined to bear with the still worse!

By zztkgapatna
June 19, 2013 | Pedestrian questions

It is extremely thoughtful of you to pose the issue of sidewalks. The ones that exist in Delhi are a mere excuse( barring those inLutyens Delhi) and as pointed out, often usurped by cars who don't know where to. What is more troubling is the overnight springing up of cigarette vendors whose kiosks occupy entire widths pushing pedestrians into hazardous situations on severely congested roads filled with cars driven by unrelenting drivers. Some have suggested video graphing the inherently unsafe walk trip, whether to ride, shop, or go to the neighbourhood park, especially children, the infirm and the elderly.
Do take it up as you've done for other contentious matters. Thanks

By Veena

I think govt. should control tourism in hill states. They should levy some sort of steep entry tax for vehicles coming from outside.

Also they should run petrol vehicles only to control air pollution. There should be no registration of Diesel SUVs and steep entry tax for outside Diesel vehicles to cut pollution.

Govt. should encourage traditional houses and discourage concrete houses in hills.

I think this will somewhat releive hills.

By Rajiv Gupta

It is not true, it has been shifted to new prepared temple 2-3 hours before Alaknanda level rose to dangerous level. Most of the so called activist are acting as blackmailer and just try to get more and more from GVK. Local people were ok to GVK plan to elevate the temple.. They did not ask for relocation or submergence .. But so called activist and opportunity seeker want to make it a bone of contention..

By Anonymous
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