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This may be considered a casual letter to the author, Aparna PALLAVI, or whosoever concerned, not a comment. Please do not treat it anyway else.

Quote from article: "The chief minister's letter is silent on whether government intends to cancel the agreement which is valid till 2013-14, or at least not renew it beyond that date."

Is there any possibility to know about the current status of any activity that might be following up on the state govt.'s movement vis-a-vis the "agreement" with BILT referred to in the article.

I understand the expressed stance and contention of
activists, Mohan Hirabai Hiralal and Madhu Sarin.

I must confess my lack of both detailed study as well as experience on the ground regarding this field/issue.
But, my interest in paper as a material medium in art/craft & social communication made me take notice of a recent development in Japan around 100% domestic bamboo paper products, as also even paper products made from 100% domestically sourced & sustainably harvested bamboo (thinned bamboo). Such a development is a sort of PPA (public-private alliance) wherein local citizens' bodies and private companies come together in jointly managing and harvesting bamboo groves/forests that is then supplied to papermaking companies which make & sell under an exclusive 100% domestic bamboo paper certified label/mark. Other paper craft & printing companies go on to make & sell an exclusive range of paper products under the same label/mark.

Now, i am aware that the situation (socio-economic-politico-legal) is different to that in Gadchiroli, as also to that in other parts of India and the world. Also, that there is a healthy apprehension as regards using bamboo as source material for industrial papermaking, especially when the source region is grappling with problems regarding forest management, harversting, biodiversity conservation, labour & other human-environment issues. This apart from those related to the legal & technological framework of paper, pulp & print industry for a given region/country.

Yet, in case there are to be found & implemented solutions to the various aspects of this whole issue, as also to some kind of processual & consensual activity bringing together the various parties involved over a period of time of continual negotiation, the idea of a "100% Gadchiroli-Sourced & Sustainably-Harvested Bamboo Paper" with peoples' participation & PPA to ensure fair & equitable sharing and resourcing, would go a long way in contributing to visibility, awareness, ethical consumption, and participatory governance with regards the various dimensions to this issue. Most of all, it would consolidate the peoples' pride in place, hometown, country, while making even far-flung consumer-citizen-participant/s to take interest in and be proactively engaged in the issues concerning the said region, the peoples and its/their shared biocultural diversity.

It's time we begun by saying...."I have a dream..." I hope and wish to walk onwards...

BTW, is there any developments on the front of media taking up the issue of the "agreement" between BILT and the state govt., now that we'll soon turn the leaf to year-2014?
Is there any agenda for the DTE team and the activists on ground to once again take up the issue and highlight upon it to build up public opinion & sensitivity?

I hail from Nagpur and have been in Japan for a decade now, pursuing research in my field (that is mostly historical) so as to compile & submit the doctoral thesis.

By Anonymous
December 13, 2013 | Fabric filter

It would be better if the filtered water is sterilized afterwards.



I am a bird watcher and live near thane east creek. for few yrs now salt pan empty and SEZ Board has been placed along with gate and security guards.
though we are able to do birding I am afraid it will go soon for devlopemnt. I want to save my creek. can you help me with information about SEZ project happening in thane east and can we do something to save it


By vivek
December 11, 2013 | No room for recycling

@ Dasley David
It could be one of the ways to solve the problem. Right now there seems to be a lack of political will to even consider this community in the official agenda despite of their so very evident presence in the waste management. I am sure there are several mechanism emerging in other places in India and also in Brazil which can be tried out in Delhi.

By Jayanthi Pushkaran
December 10, 2013 | Stress in the city

The city has a faster pace of life. This can be more stressful to some people. It can suit others.


Inspite of specific ruling from the highest court as well as the regional high courts, the UPA government and the OMCs are continuing to harass poor consumers with this ill thought out scheme. No one grudged limiting the number of subsidized cylinders to 9 every year.

This scheme is only going to work significantly against the UPA if they continue their slumber.

When will you wake up - Soniaji and Co.?

By Ramaswamy

Hello Kundan,
The decision by the Union health ministry followed two years of deliberations. A ministry official said the decision could be made applicable from 2014-15 student batches.

By Shubham
December 10, 2013 | Small Scale CFL Production

Respected sir,

We are interested to establish a small scale CFL production unit at kasipur(uttarakhand). Kindly request you to provide us the detailed project report including the cost for setup of CFL Production machinery....waiting for your kind reply....Thanks in advance...

Yours respectfully
Ajeet Kr. Sinha
email.id- aks_qatack@yahoo.com

By Anonymous

So now, it looks like the turtles actually lay eggs for the states to earn some quick bucks through tourism initiatives. participatory conservation and eco tourism models are sometime sustainable, but sometime they sabotage the actual conservation objectives. God save the turtles.

December 10, 2013 | Drowning in its own rubbish

Congrats Suchitra Ji, for such bold & real world scenario post about unsegregated garbage which can polute Soil, groundwater and air, flouting the Municipal Solid Waste Management and Handling . I read this post one time and definitely Bookmark this post for future reference. there are some ways to do proper disposal of waste. Sort your refuse into a few diverse bins. Bring any refuse that can be recycled, such as toys or sartorial, to a secondhand store to be resold. Take recyclables such as glass, plastics and paper to a local salvaging center. Turn food and lawn waste into manure. Gather any lasting refuse into a trash bag and place it into a compost bin
Jyoti Singh
@ Ranking of Uttarakhand Colleges

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