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May 23, 2013 | A green facade

On Saint Gobain being on the green energy council and the subsequent raise in their sales has to be investigated. Something does not sound right, because, before the council was formed in 2001, the IT sector buildings in hyderabad area were only 20% glass like the infosys and wipro campus. Post 2004, all new buildings like the one in which microsoft is housed, the Q-city building or the new ugly ICICI buildings are 90% glass. Architects like Satish Gujral, who designed the CMC office (now TCS) used local material and designed it for local weather conditions. TCS which took over has built ugly glass buildings in this space completely over overshadowing the old structures.
Second, the cost of building a 12 ft by 12 ft wall with bricks is more than using glass, and hence builders or developers are using glass with no regard for power consumption. The employees feel tired and suffocated in this glass cage and open the glass windows increasing the power consumption from ACs. The IT sector enjoys 100% power supply in Hyderabad while rest of the city gets at least 3-5 hours of power cut.

By kavya
May 23, 2013 | Mirage of a river

Is Narmada water being made to flow in Sabarmati not supplied to city of Ahmedabad? This has furthered the idea of river interlinking project.

By Anonymous
May 22, 2013 | Reflections on glass


I have been selling glass for commercial buildings talking about light, thermal/solar heat gain etc.etc..but I completely agree with this article, this material is simply being consumed in higher dosage than required especially on the facade. I would not blame glass as a material but the lack of understanding among consumers. This situation would only get better if we have a system pre-allocation of electricity to buildings before they are built and strict compliance thereafter.

By lakshman
May 22, 2013 | A cool idea

Dear Saxena ji,

Thank you for inquiry.

West facing windows can be a big source of heat, first measure which you can explore is to add a chhajja (sun shade) on the window if you don't have one already. West sun will also require some vertical shading device too. Explore options of having vertical fins on the side of the windows.

Your second question regarding roof insulation using thermacol. Thermocol can be used, but it will absolutely need a good protection. This protection is generally a layer of 3''-thick PCC (plain concrete) with joints every 6 feet, and that entails using a very strong, high-density thermocal, capable of supporting permanently the load of the PCC. Ordinary thermocal won't do. Then this PCC can be covered with white tiles. It's a relatively advanced solution, which addresses both roof insulation and cool roof. It is best if you can do this.



Thanks for a great reading material!


What really is happening is that they are trying to kill us and future generations with all these. ...SHAME SHAME
Will the MEDIA personnel take up this task to make BIG campaign against these ridiculous so called committee. Take this forward make it know to everyone ...

By Anonymous
May 22, 2013 | Kicking up a stink

What an eye opener! As an environmental engineer,disposal of sanitary napkins has always been a concern during waste management practices that I follow. Hope these companies come out with a solution soon.

By Monica
May 22, 2013 | Perilous port

Why all these are not applicable to Tuticorin port or the one planned in AP or WB ?

May 22, 2013 | A rather ridiculous gap

Gap's contentions are quite ridiculous, to say the least. Good to know that GTG is going to fight the case! More power to such causes.. it's time such high-handedness by big brands is done away with. Hope the judiciary comes out strongly against any such future cases.

By paresh
May 21, 2013 | Chaos in the iron age

How come Andhra is left out of the mining loot story ? It is good for the nation if we learn to keep environmental and political affiliations apart . Also everyone knows of the problems ....it would be great when environmental publications start focusing on the solutions as India has become a net importer of iron ore from a net exporter since mining was banned in some states and that has added to the rising current account deficit every month. In many parts of the world people are involved in sustainable mining. We in India need not re-invent the wheel but only follow those practices. Instead of that we are banning existing mining blocks which have already been devastated environmentally and planning to issue licenses in green field areas that will involve more cutting of forests.

The existing areas under mining are inefficiently mined, only from the surface to keep mining costs to the bare minimum. Why is that happening? Is anyone talking about it. Where are the regulatory norms and the regulators which can be easily put in place, considering the enormous revenue generated from the resources and the technology advances of satellite imagery. Every cubic feet of mining resource extracted can be today monitored at a very reasonable cost by using technology if there is a political will. It is the MOEF that has to educate itself adopting global best practices and then enforce the norms, without political bias that today permits Jindal but not Vedanta to put up bauxite mining projects in India.

By Sandip (ecothrust@gmail.com)
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