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January 6, 2013 | A year of leadership failure

If we had Sri A P J Kalam as our president, he would have met a delegation of the protesters and comforted the young citizens, though he too obviously cannot make the Government more responsive.

By Anonymous
January 6, 2013 | A year of leadership failure

Sunita rightly identifies the problem "what is wrong in the country?", but does not explore on "What has brought us to this state of affairs?" and suggests no solution as to whats the way out. Sunita could have have safely titled her editorial as "Sixty Years of Leadership Failure". To say when "people lose faith in the political establishment—urban middle classes embrace fascism and the poor arm against the state" presumes as if ordinary people in this country ever had any faith in the Indian State. Need to think afresh and think outside the taught and learnt framework.

By Vats Sanjeev
January 6, 2013 | Maya of Indian Science

Every thing has a political root. The political bosses interfere everywhere to try to fish in troubled waters.
All institutions with any connections to the Government have the property of turning to ashes as they have ensured that the institutions should atrophy and they have the last say in the matter.

By Amarendra Sahay
January 5, 2013 | A year of leadership failure

Well done Sunita. It is strange that the Delhi demonstrations were seen as anti-Government. In fact is that the ministers should also have joined the crowd and said: "We are sorry for not providing protection to women. But we will improve and also we will immediately bring a Bill for Death Penalty to rapist when the crime is proved beyond doubt. We will have express-courts for such cases and the rapists would not be allowed to plead for mercy to the President." This would have been enough. But our Manmohan Singh is famous for saying nothing, Sushilkumar Shinde is a well known for saying wrong things at the wrong time and Rashtrapati's own son has big vacuum at the top. Smt Dixit tried to recover by joining a "silent March' but rather too late. And we elect such leaders year after year !

Take it from me. Nothing is going to happen. Public will forget the incidence after some months. After some years, the Delhi rapists would get about 10 years in jail and the 'minor'rapist would go to a remand home. The Movies would continue to expose women on screen to make money and the Ads would use sexy pics to promote their products. As a society which allows a non-functional censor board and treats women as sex objects, we all have a tiny share in the crime in Delhi and similar ones all over India.

By Shrikant LIMAYE
January 5, 2013 | A year of leadership failure

You are so right in pointing out that "the politicians and the bureaucrats hid behind their layers of security". That is the near universal response of our government to QUESTIONS, RTI notwithstanding! For too long now government has been incapable of answering questions, especially those concerning the interests/security of people they actually do not represent (most of us remember the 70 % living on Rs 20 a day?), though ironically we elect them. This also includes State Assembly and Parliament questions. When faced with educated, intelligent agitators of course people like home ministers and police brass are at a total loss. They can only make meaningless noise in Parliament or reply with war cries of charging Delhi police and pounding of water cannon.

By Vinay Tandon
January 5, 2013 | A year of leadership failure

Delhi's rape case agitation is not isolated, if you see the happenings in the last one year so. It is a crisis of governance. Why is it that nobody wants to believe the government after a history of scams and inability of the people to participate in governance as if the foreign rule continues minus its achievements. Any Government that does not take people along with it will face dire consequences,either they will sit back as has been the case in the couple of past decades or it will unite gradually to put forth a Wall street or Tehrir Square like agitation or something new.

By Arun B.Agarwal
January 5, 2013 | Next gen toilets

Please get in touch with Ravi Gupta, oublic relations officer in DRDO... His email id is- dpidrdo@gmail.com.. Thanks

January 5, 2013 | Maya of Indian Science

Thorough enqiry should be conducted on the genuineness and fate of patents filed by ICAR scientists which in many cases are are not properly scrutinised.

By Anonymous
January 5, 2013 | Costly push to mega projects

Dear DTE
The article starts with a mention of opposition from civil society groups. I am part of an NGO that is fighting the cause of environmental preservation too, and we would be keen to lend out support to civil opposition of such bizzare initiative.
How can we get involved?

Best Regards

By Anupam
January 5, 2013 | A year of leadership failure

We MUST focus on portraying what is positive, constructive, healing and absolutely necessary for our society..

Education, organic movements in agriculture, healing community service, cleaning up of rivers, lakes, garbage..stories of successful small enterprises..positive results of philanthropy..funds from some corporate houses may be seriously working towards building better systems in society..communities that are building/ working towards better sports facilities to channelize energies of the youth..
We must try to understand the healing effect of reiterating all that is positive in our world, reiterating it VISUALLY in the media and in stories..

Unfortunately mainstream media has time mostly for what catches 'eyeballs' quickly. Nothing catches eyeballs faster than short, staccato, sinister portrayals of violence and sex.. because these two aspects are built right into the most primeval part of our brain. Media must be trained to 'COLLECTVELY' WEAN viewers away negative stories. Instead they often compete with each other to show more and more graphically enhanced visuals of CRIME and negative stuff because apparently - 'that's what viewers want'. This is a vicious cycle which actually leads to an increase in crime!
Has no one here even heard of what is widely known elsewhere as the 'copycat' syndrome?

In all the hundreds of programmes in the last few days of this ugly(?) year 2012,
there was only ONE reference program on a lone young educator who trains primary school principals/headmasters to connect with their children better.

Why can't mainstream media focus more on positive stories and efforts to heal and rebuild this country?

By Ramaswamy
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