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About us

In May 1992, the Society for Environmental Communications started India’s only science and environment fortnightly, Down To Earth (DTE).

Over the years the magazine has informed and inspired people about environmental threats facing India and the world -- a dimension underplayed in mainstream media.Circulation figures are not a true indicator of the wide reach of the magazine: DTE has become a reading habit in 400 out of about 500 districts of the country -- more than any other Indian newspaper or magazine.

DTE’s sphere of influence is not just limited to India. Numerous readers across the world rely on the magazine for a comprehensive view from the South on the most critical issues of human existence.The online version of DTE is an effort to reach more people and to use all the interactive elements that the new medium has to offer.

Contact us

Society for Environmental Communications
41, Tughlakabad Institutional Area
New Delhi - 110062, India
Phone No: +91 - 11 - 91-11 29955124, 29956110, 29956394;
Fax No: +91 - 11 - 29955879
E-mail: editor@downtoearth.org.in


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