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Dec 1-15, 2010

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It has been a slow and steady shift over decades. Forced by declining returns from farming in ecologically fragile areas, small farmers have been taking to goat rearing. Today, goats ensure income to five million households in India. It is now bonanza time, with demand for goat meat projected to shoot up. India will have to almost double its goat population in 10 years. Government is encouraging goat rearing. But no one considered one question: where will the goats graze? Over the past 50 years land available for grazing has shrunk by half and forests are reportedly overgrazed. If India does not secure its pastures, goats might turn from an asset to a liability, reports Kumar Sambhav Shrivastava

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imageThe definition is contested as the answer has immense economic implications. If bamboo is a tree or timber, it belongs to the forest department and can be auctioned to the paper and pulp industry, often at throwaway rates.


Death of a translocated tiger highlights the task force was not heeded

Government makes way for open formats in e-governance

Kerala government presses for a nation-wide ban on the pesticide

US has to meet all seven criteria to export milk to India

ADB takes first step to spur private investments through equities

Demand Karnataka be declared a transgenic-free state

Opposition parties say the draft is still not farmer-friendly

Patently Absurd

India’s generic medicines export faces a huge threat from the anti-counterfeiting law which creates barriers to global trade

Science & Technology

Debate continues despite consensus to ban geoengineering

Scientists discover protein that helps plants, animals mark time

Calcium-absorbing drug can lower kidney damage in diabetics

GM bacteria can infect fungi

Soil carbon can foretell soil health

Malaria-carrying mosquito mutates into two different species

Dry up central Asia, drench southeast Asia


Radha Ben remembers the noted economist and thinker who passed away on November 14

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Special Report

Chhattisgarh government withdraws support to people who took shelter in Salwa Judum camps

Ludhiana is going all out to clean up Buddha Nallah, the sole receptacle of its industrial filth


India is the only country where high densities of people and livestock share space with carnivores


A recent report could check expansion of hydro projects in Himachal Pradesh

Trading in energy-efficiency certificates faces major hurdles


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