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Sep 15-30, 2010

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Ayurveda prescribes it for a range of ailments. People eat it for rejuvenation and boosting immunity. An Indian homemaker’s kitchen shelf is incomplete without a jar of this amber liquid. But without quality and safety controls, this gift of nature has been contaminated. CSE laboratory tests find high levels of antibiotics in well-known brands of honey sold in the market. Chandra Bhushan reports on the findings. Savvy Soumya Misra trails beekeepers across four states and finds honey is being produced with the help of antibiotics and pesticides; Arnab Pratim Dutta looks at the thriving business of honey laundering

Editor's page

honeyThey say you are what you eat. But do we know what we are eating? Do we know who is cooking and serving us the food we take to our kitchens and then into our bodies?


Big changes are expected as the global body acts on review committee’s advice at plenary meet in Busan, South Korea

The Par-Tapi Narmada Link project will earn 8 paise on a rupee

Forest departments claim they are encroachers

Mouda expansion project faces people’s ire

Environment ministry asks for re-examination of alternative sites

State says environment ministry’s approval overreaches apex court


Mahesh Rangarajan, chair of the elephant task force, talks to Sumana Narayanan on the future of elephant conservation in India. The task force...

Eva Joly, EU parliamentarian from the French Green Party, is tipped to be the Presidential candidate of the Greens in the 2012 French Presidential election. She...

Patently Absurd

US criticises India and BRIC group for strengthening provisions on life-saving medicines

Science & Technology

It’s flexible yet tougher than a bullet-proof jacket. Are we anywhere near deciphering the fibre?

Bycatch fish species face threat from trawlers

How to get maximum out of antioxidants in soy

Why people in the West are more prone to allergies?

Salmonella can fight cancer

Frog egg helps robot sniff pollution

How it affects wildlife

Bengaluru water treatment plant adopts dissolved air flotation

Web Check

Website>> Forest campaign • Russia

Special Report

Tracking the phase out of ozone depleting substances

India has no fool-proof test for biodegradable plastic

Roadside rainwater harvesting potential in India remains untapped


The investigator who took on a pharma giant in the US

Village heavyweights use natural farming methods


The decision to import deer into mangroves lacks scientific understanding


Book>> Voyager, seeking newer worlds in the third great age of discovery • by Stephen J Pyne • Viking • Rs 1,000


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