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Aug 15-31, 2011

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Karnataka’s Lokayukta Santosh Hegde’s report is a sordid story on the rise of India’s mining poster boy, Bellary. The protagonists of the script, the Reddy brothers, used muscle and money to grease their way through government departments. Initially, it was all gold. But Hegde’s report exposed the dingy substrate of Bellary’s mining operations. Heads have rolled, and the political establishment of Karnataka has been shaken up. BJP leader B S Yeddyurappa was made to quit the chief minister’s post. The Supreme Court has stepped in to ban mining on the basis of a report by the Central Empowered Committee (CEC).

The biggest losers have been the environment and the people living in the area. M Suchitra reports from Bellary and Kumar Sambhav Shrivastava analyses the CEC report

Editor's page

parkingKhan Market in boulevard Delhi is said to be the most expensive real estate in India, maybe even in the world. But in this richest shopping destination, buyers do not want to pay for parking their vehicles.


Irrational drug combos flood market; regulator does little to remove them

Soybean does not sprout in 40,000 hectares in Maharashtra, state blames farmers

SC stays order evicting resorts near sanctuary in Tamil Nadu

Farmers protest thermal power project by Indiabulls

Supreme Court orders denotification of irrationally big sanctuary

Supreme Court asks panel to explore possibilities of disposing of the pesticide


For more than two decades, Huta Ram Baidya has led the Save Bagmati River campaign. An affable, octogenarian activist and Nepal’s first agricultural engi...

Patently Absurd

Sharad Pawar’s provision for protecting test data in the Pesticides Bill could spill over into trade agreements and hit the drugs industry, too

Science & Technology

Countries explore sources of the metals to counter China

Jatropha can offer relief from pain without side effects

It can widen the use of nanotechnology in healthcare

It detects vitamin B12 deficiency accurately, quickly


Draft land bill proposes higher compensation for land acquisitions, but complaints persist

Special Report

Activists, health experts are sceptical; pin hope on Supreme Court’s verdict on smokeless tobacco

Rivers’ flows must be maintained to protect the services they provide, but India has no legislation


Two young farmers of Karnataka prosper by overcoming tiller instinct


Using medical aid for military aims jeopardises trust which is critical for health workers

A trading scheme for air pollutants could face the usual problem of implementation


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What bamboo costs

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