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Jan 1-15, 2012

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Down To Earth invites sci-fi buffs and writers to take its readers on a guided tour of the world of science fiction that throws a mirror to the present, tantalises with possibilities of utopias and entertains with robots and descriptions of space travel

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image2011’s person of the year, according to Time magazine, is “the protester”. Clearly, this is the image that has captured the world—from dissent against the lack of democracy and repression in large parts of West Asia to anger against economic policies in vast and disparate parts of the world. People, all over, are saying enough is enough. But what will happen to these voices in the coming years? Will the movements of protesters be enough to change the way the world runs its business? Do these movements even know what they want?


Karnataka repeatedly refuses to declare its forests in Western Ghats inviolate

New grading system will be a setback for the power sector

Environment ministry revokes clearance to its cement plant

Stavudine disfigures, affects peripheral nervous system permanently


Mani Chinnaswamy’s contract farming model has prompted IIM graduates to study his Appachi formula. After all, it gives farmers the right to bargain the pr...

Patently Absurd

IPRs are blocking access to mitigation and adaptation technologies. India offers a way out

Science & Technology

Trend of using health-monitoring apps on smartphones catches up in India

Antibiotic-protein combo may alleviate radiation sickness

How soot can help surfaces repel both oil and water

With fossil reserves fast depleting, new technologies promising more efficient use of renewable energy sources, especially the sun, are flooding the market. Researchers at Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering and Technology in Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, have devised beads that can store solar energy and be used to heat water. R Meenakshi Reddy, the lead author, speaks to Ankur Paliwal about his study published in the International Journal of Renewable Energy Technology on December 2. Edited excerpts:

Two plants found in tropical India prove useful

Carotenoid in a fungi keeps heart diseases, cancer at bay

Special Report

A well-calculated compensation plan eases relocation pain of forest dwellers from the core area of Melghat Tiger Reserve

Most hospitals in India fail the fire safety test, yet they take no corrective step

Mother Dairy’s retail model helps farmers but is under pressure from chains

A little known river in UP is struggling for survival. Untreated effluent, delayed action to blame


imageIt is not a Zoo

Apropos of the article, “Don’t just cash in on tigers” (December 1-15, 2011), “eco-tourism” is restricted to brochures, books, and talks by wildlife resorts. One should understand that anything done in the name of tourism is not always right.

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