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News Briefs

Synchronisation bid

Apr 30, 2003 | From the print edition

The Union government has decided to opt for an "ombudsman-type" of memorandum of understanding with state governments for its plan to interlink rivers. The proposal seeks to reassure states that only their surplus water would be utilised under the project.

The task force for river interlinking has its task cut out, as it has to submit its first action plan to the government in April. The head of the team, former Union minister Suresh Prabhu, has been striving hard to build a consensus among the states. He has already met some chief ministers and leaders of political parties and plans to hold a meeting with co-basin chief ministers on the implementation of possible links.

The task force has also appointed former Indian ambassador Chandrashekhar Dasgupta to open talks with Nepal and Bhutan for the construction of dams. Several Himalayan links are being discussed with these countries.


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