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The Fortnight

Study on pollution

Jun 15, 1999 | From the print edition

a study carried out in Faridabad, south of Delhi, has revealed that the level of air and noise pollution is far in excess to the permissible limits. The study was undertaken by the Environment Management Centre, managed by Nuchem Limited, an authorised monitoring agency of the Haryana Pollution Control Board. The study was conducted after the Residents' Welfare Association of the city raised concerns about their health and demanded that it is their right to have information on the state of pollution in their area.

In its report, the centre stated that the level of air pollution, particularly in the urban areas, was 90 per cent in excess of the permissible limit. The study further stated that the level of respirable dust and carbon monoxide is higher by 165 per cent and 34 per cent, respectively. Also, the level of noise pollution was 78 decibles (db) as against the maximum prescribed limit of 50 db. Such levels of noise pollution hinder verbal communication to a great extent, and aggravates diseases like hypertension and diabetes. The residents have demanded a ban on plying of autorickshaws fitted with diesel engines, which they say are the worst culprits as far as pollution is concerned.


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