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The Fortnight

Deadly proposal

Jun 15, 1999 | From the print edition

the proposal to create a brand new garden belt from Nariman Point to Mahim and beyond in Mumbai has come under a lot of criticism from environmentalists. According noted environmentalist Darryl D'Monte, the catch is in the reclamation of a 300-metre-wide belt. This will mean reclaiming some 243 hectares from the sea. He said Mumbai is already facing an ecological backlash due to senseless reclamation in the past. The northern tip of Versova is being eroded at an alarming rate, forcing residents on the beach front to spend crores on keeping the sea at bay, he said.

The filling in of land near the Gateway of India by the navy has also led to silting of its own base at Uran, meant for the loading of missiles. The reclaimed land in the city is among the highest in the world.


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