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The Fortnight

drink only bacteria?

Jun 30, 1998 | From the print edition

several mineral water sachets in Chennai have been found with coliform bacteria. Recently, the health department of the Chennai Corporation had conducted a survey to determine the quality of different brands of soft drinks and mineral water sold in Tamil Nadu.

After studying nearly 191 samples, the corporation has found 44 samples unfit for human consumption that contain additional saccharine and fat deficiency. When bacteriological tests were conducted on 34 samples, it was found that 24 samples had contained coliform bacteria. The investigation has shown that several new brand of soft drinks are being marketed in Chennai that are never heard of before. The officials warn that traders selling contaminated drinks would be prosecuted by the Corporation. The drive has been launched to prevent the breakout of water-borne diseases such as cholera, jaundice and typhoid during summer.


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