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Unique therapy

Mar 31, 1996 | From the print edition

A slightly unsavoury idea but
urine has actually been found to
cure several illnesses. And this
belief drew hundreds of delegates
to the three-day long First World
Conference on Auto Urine Therapy
(UT) held in Goa in late February.

UT advocates more than just
drinking urine a few times during
illness. To tackle more serious maladies, it should be applied with
expert guidance -by observing
urine fasts, performing urine massages, enema and diet restrictions.
Among the famous proponents
of UT were late Morarji Desai
-India's ex-Prime Minister and
L Ramdas -the former Indian Navy

Ryoich Nakao from Tokyo,
Japan, who participated in the meet
argued that in terms of immunology, urine acts as a source of
an 'information code' about the
disease in the body which helps the
body to activate the immune system to produce the right biological
response modifiers needed to cure
the disease. Participants stated that
bacteria in the urine is capable of
treating rashes, allergic coughs, eye
diseases, heart disorders and


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