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The Fortnight


Mar 31, 1996 | From the print edition

GREEN CHILL: Indian refrigerators I
would go green, thanks to Godrej GE
Appliances andVoltas Allwyn deciding to use eco-frieQdly elements
instead of the ozone-d(pleting chlo,
rofluorocarbons (CFCs). The companies will instead use a hydrocarbon, cyclopentane, in their proposed
foaming plants. The companies will
be spending US $3.7 million for the
project. US $2.2 million each would
b( dished out by the Swiss, Development Corporation and the
German technical collaboration
agency, GTZ.Cyclopentane is being
preferred to ano~er CFC substitute,
hydrochlorofluorocarbons, which
have been found to increase global

CATCH 'EM EARLY: A new software
developed by Calcutta-based
Mishanti Engineers will come in
handy for early detection of breast
cancer. The software, named CanScan, will be marketed by Philips
Medical Systems.
The interactive,
user-friendly package poses a set of
questions to the woman being examined. Institutions will have to pay Rs
40,000 to Rs 50,000 for the package
while it would cost individual users
Rs 2,500. The package gives information on breast cancer, diagnoses
on the basis of an algorithm arid
prepares a detailed printout.

EASTWARD HO: The wind is surely
blowing eastwards for the Dutch
wind turbine manufacturer,
NedWind Rhenen BY. The company
will be entering the wind power
sector in India this year. It has
tied up with Weizmann Ltd to
form Windia Power Limited,
which will build a 33-MW windfarm
at Kayathar, Tamil Nadu. NedWind
will sell 60 turbines of 500-KW
for the project. Windia will also
begin wind resource monitoring at
four sites near Rameshwaram in
Tamil Nadu.

PERFECT POTTY: No stench and no wastage of water - incinolet, an ecofriendly toilet, promises complete sanitation by eliminating bad odours and
the nee.dfor water. New Delhi-based
Sulabh International imported a
model of this electric toilet from the
us recently. Incinolet transforms
human waste into a spoonful of
odourless ash, using intense electric
heat, which can then be disposed off
in a waste bin. The catalytic emission
system preyents badodour and a
complex heating system controls the
temperature. The toilet costs about
US $2,000.

innovative computer"to-press system, might prove to be a boon for
small offset printers. It is an environment-friendly technology which
completely does away with toxic
chemicals. NovaDom eliminates the
plate-making process, which is both
time-consuming and expensive. So
all that printers have to do is to key in
the matter in a computer and get it
printed directly ona N ovaDom plate,
using a laser printer. Along with its
laser printer, the new system would
cost aboutRs 10 lakh.

WASTE VENTURE: Under a technology-
transfer pact, Japan-based Ebara
cCorp will help China Steel Corp,
Taiwan's largest steelmaker, to
diversify into the enVironmentalbusiness. Ebara will provide its environmental-protection
technology to build
fluidised-bed incineration plants, which
burn garbage using
heated sand. These
c plants can dispose
off urban as well as industrial waste.
In turn, China Steel will help Ebara
procure construction material for its
proposed environmental plants in
other Asian countries.


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