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Brazil to regulate junk food

May 31, 2007 | From the print edition

Junk food ads under scanner<sc In November last year, Brazil's National Health Monitoring Agency launched a public debate on regulations that would ban radio and class='UCASE'>tv advertising for soft drinks and foods with sugar, saturated fat or salt. The government is expected to issue a decree on
such measures in June. Brazil is not alone. Junk food regulation bills are also on the anvil in other Latin American countries such as Mexico and

Regulating advertising "is an essential to contain childhood obesity," says Mariana del Bosco Rodrigues, a nutritionist with the Brazilian Association
for the Study of Obesity. Murilo Diversi, a food expert at idec, the Brazilian consumer defence institute, said that in his
country, junk food ads can be regulated by decree. But things have not been that smooth in Mexico. Here lawmakers have been studying a bill for
restricting junk food ads.There is also a bill for labelling such products with warnings about their lack of nutritional value. But these have run into
roadblocks, and lawmakers have reported meddling and even threats from manufacturers.


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