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Polar vortex
Will icy Arctic winds dip southward again this winter?
Many parts of North America endured an exceptionally harsh winter in 2013-14. As autumn sets in, weather agencies in the US forecast different outlooks for the coming season, building a healthy suspense over what to expect this winter
The Niagara Falls froze as temperatures dipped to -20C during the polar vortex of winter in 2013-2014 (Photo courtesy: Elvir K/Flickr)
Private weather forecaster AccuWeather forecasts a colder winter due to polar vortex; US Met office bets on El Nino
Two different weather models have different predictions for Indian winter
AccuWeather's senior meteorologist, Jason Nicholls, demystifies the polar vortex
Polar jet stream, or a pattern of strong winds, is shifting due to the melting Arctic, triggering extreme weather events across the globe
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Sorit Gupto
Top green start-ups of 2014
Posted by Bidyut Mohanty

The storm damaged houses, crops and livestock of people in the tribal belt but government has not even taken note of it

Posted by Richard Mahapatra

Manufacturing needs to get a boost. But what to manufacture and how are two critical questions

Forty four hydropower projects threaten Siang, the Everest of rivers

Posted by Aparna Pallavi

Prime Minister seems to have gone back on promises to farmers

Posted by Tarique Niazi

The divide between developed and developing nations threatens a binding treaty on climate change to replace Kyoto protocol

Posted by Latha Jishnu

Why do democratic governments hide trade negotiations that have dire consequences for public services?

Posted by Divya Karnad

If we accept the premise that ecological concerns are as worthy as developmental needs , then the decision to have a mine, dam, or road needs to be weighted by its ecological detriment

Posted by Priyavrat Bhati

The Asian giant is sending out conflicting signals on whether it intends to curb greenhouse gas emissions, pollution

Posted by Amit Khurana

The possible industry response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s suggestion may not be fruitful for public health

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