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So-called scientific achievements of ancient Indians are no laughing matter when they are championed by the Prime Minister of India
The new chief of ICHR may have missed out reading some recent research to verify claims about scientific achievements of India of yore
If India conducted its first nuclear test centuries ago, why did we wait till 1974 to conduct the second test? Where did all that knowledge go?
Our prime minister's recognition of 'uncivilised' state of rural India means he should be spending more on 'civilising' people in the countryside
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Sorit Gupto
Indian farmer-producer organisations that overcame the odds
Posted by Akshay Deoras

Going against the predictions of other meteorological agencies in the world, Japan Meteorological Agency took a bold step by announcing the onset of El Niño onset

Posted by Richard Mahapatra

Diluting MGNREGA does not make market sense

Posted by Satwik Mudgal

A waste management expert voices his concerns about our misguided and selective approach to cleanliness

Posted by Snigdha Mehta

If we utilized whole lot of crap India produced per day through open defecation, we could light around 1,092,000 street lights or 72,800 stoves and 36,400 boilers everyday

Posted by Pandurang Hegde

Recently a trend towards synthetic kokum has set in. This version is half as expensive as the natural one, has similar colour and fragrance. So consumers do not know the difference between the two

Posted by Rajkamal Goswami

The inordinate focus on cities and towns seems to suggest that garbage doesn’t occur elsewhere. But that is hardly so

Posted by Ida Wilhelmson

Most of the nations participating in recently concluded Environmentally Sustainable Transport Forum presented ambitious mobility plans for their cities. But there were no takeaways on successfully implemented projects

December 31, 2014

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