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Nearly 140,000 people in India died in road accidents last year. But the country does not see road safety as a health crisis
While communicable diseases together killed 74,146 people in 2013, road accidents accounted for almost double that number
Cartoons from our archives with a contemporary message
Facts, figures and trends in maps
Posted by Akshay Deoras

The erratic nature of the monsoon coupled with the faulty methodology of presenting rainfall statistics are misleading people

Posted by Richard Mahapatra

Crisis in Chhattisgarh over implementation of food security law has crucial lessons for India's public distribution system

By asking lawyers to cycle to work to resolve Delhi’s endemic parking and traffic woes, the Chief Justice of India has shown the way. The ultimate solution lies not only in law enforcement but also in good citizenship

Posted by Latha Jishnu

The EU appears to have backed off on important climate change policy because of pressure from US-backed Big Oil

Posted by Leena Menghaney

Early intervention by the Indian government and civil society will be essential to overcome patent barriers to ensure that the new drugs available are not priced out of reach of most people in developing countries

Posted by Rohit Prajapati

Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar's decision to lift the moratorium of 8 critically polluted clusters of the country is inexplicable. The ministry took the decision on June 10, 2014 but announced it publicly on July 24, 2014 on MoEF’s website

Posted by Biraj Swain

The core of India’s malnutrition puzzle lies in institutional functioning. There are succssful examples, though few

Posted by Manoj Misra

Hydro-power, long irrigation canals, sand mining and water for industrial use: these are not what Maa Ganga in its magnanimity provides. These are what we extract from an unsuspecting river, leaving her unwell as a result

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