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Green clearances
Will new minister Prakash Javadekar keep perpetuating a bad system or make a real difference for real change?
SC questions legality of wildlife board under Narendra Modi
It has little representation from outside the government
Small coal mining projects exempted from public hearings; moratorium on expansion of industries in critically polluted areas lifted
Environment clearances for projects eased further
Environment impact assessment notification amended to allow state authorities to clear more projects
Financial Inclusion
How government started 15 million bank accounts in one day
Launch of the Jan Dhan Yojana ended up mostly as a mass exercise for accepting forms
Planning body
A new planning commission or an advisory body?
Indications are that the National Development Reforms Commission that will replace the Planning Commission will not have financial allocation powers
Sanitation Mission
Centre gears up to launch revamped sanitation mission
Corporate houses will have a major role in Swacchh Bharat Abhiyan which aims at achieving total sanitation by 2019
Smart cities
NDA government's proposal to build 100 'smart' cities will work only if it can reinvent the very idea of urban growth
Food security
Plans afoot to restructure FCI
Will the Shanta Kumar panel look at problems arising from centralised food procurement?
From DTE Readers
Agenda for Mr Modi
Some suggestions on putting India on the right development track
Environment Day Special
Green agenda for NDA government
Get the focus on environment and health, Mr Prime Minister
Cartoons from our archives with a contemporary message
Facts, figures and trends in maps
Posted by Snehlata Nath

Honey! sounds simple when we say the word, but has a complex background

Posted by Latha Jishnu

BJP thinks undoing labour laws will spur a manufacturing boom. Even now workers enjoy little protection or social security

Posted by Soma Basu

Water and electricity wasted because of the Ice Bucket Challenge could have provided water to 17,777 households and lighted up 16 million households

Posted by Amit Khurana

By not allowing children to bring junk food from home, the state education department's message—that junk food is unhealthy—is made clear to families

Posted by Akshay Deoras

After cooling down suddenly in July, the Pacific Ocean is warming up once again but it could be another mischief played by the 'Little Boy'

Posted by Charan Singh

What the Modi government needs to achieve a 100 per cent success to provide every Indian access to formal financial services

Posted by Mariana Silva

Sustainable Finance Project Officer

Posted by Mohammed Irshad

The BJP has declined participation in a Monsanto organised study tour. But such veiled lobbying could become stock-in-trade of transgenic majors in a days to come

Posted by Manoj Misra

The mantra of zero defect and zero effect manufacturing practice should translate into no pollution from industrial effluents

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