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Visiting US president, Barack Obama, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi announce breakthrough in civil nuclear agreement and discuss climate change but questions remain
US had been demanding dilution of provisions that allow nuclear plant operator to sue suppliers for a sum up to Rs 1,500 crore
Ask not what India will do for climate. Ask what the US will do to reduce emissions to save the world from climate, says Sunita Narain
Breakthrough deal made within framework of India's liability law; US waives off condition to track nuclear material provided by it to India
Prime Minister Narendra Modi chooses to stay focussed on renewable energy
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Sorit Gupto
The past, present and future of CO₂
Posted by Avikal Somvanshi

Please wear a dust mask at the parade Mr President, for our sake at least

Posted by Akshay Deoras

Heavy rains and snowfall predicted in Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh

Posted by Richard Mahapatra

The current debate over ancient India's scientific feats is less about science and more about a cultural `feel good' factor

Posted by Aparna Pallavi

How Madhya Pradesh government is exploiting religious sentiments to trump common sense in water management and project the chief minister as a hero and god

Posted by Peter Bosshard

Dams have serious environmental impacts, and their benefits dwindle as they age

Posted by Akshay Deoras

Did climate change begin with industrialisation? How do we identify ‘bad’ climate change?

Posted by Vibha Varshney

The theme of the conference, 'science and technology for human development', struck a chord with scientists. It will be interesting to see if science and technology can increasingly be integrated into governance as well

Posted by Manoj Misra

The TSR Subramanian committee made no effort to safeguard environment security. It’s pro-industry bias was never in question

Posted by Adarsha Kapoor

Countries’ policies for sustainable transport have the right intentions, but are incomplete and selective

January 31, 2015

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