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Sorit Gupto
Indian farmer-producer organisations that overcame the odds
Posted by Adarsha Kapoor

This measure must be combined with other steps to address the problem of the increasing number of private vehicles

Posted by Akshay Deoras

A proposal has been sent to the Union Ministry of Earth Sciences, detailing the areas of concern in India’s weather forecasting system and ways in which it can be improved

Posted by Sushmita Sengupta

Experts reiterate the old suggestions at the three-day meeting to strategise for better development and management of the country’s water resources

Posted by Ruchita Bansal

Even cities in developing countries like Sri Lanka have well-designed streets and roads which encourage walking and cycling

Posted by Deepak Pani

Rice is fermented to make Handia. A nagging worry is the unsustainable collection of of plant ingredients that go into the making of bakhar, the fermenting agent

Posted by Aparna Pallavi

The new BJP government in Maharashtra has cleared the trust vote with help from the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP). Will it now be in a position to take stern action against those involved in the mammoth 70,000 crore scam, especially when NCP is accused of having a major role in the scam?

Posted by Parineeta Dandekar

As the new chief minister of Maharashtra wins the trust vote in the state Assembly, these are a few things that need his urgent attention

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