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Private Sector

Handloom threatened

Issue Date: Aug 15, 2013

G8 and tragedy of Africa

Posted on: 15 Jul, 2013
The white man’s burden never eases. Long after the sun set on colonial empires, the rich nations of the world who make the G8, the smallest and most powerful club of their group, are preparing for yet another onerous task.

Premature scheme

Issue Date: Jul 15, 2013
Twenty-four-year-old Usha Ben, a tribal living in Santrampur tehsil of Panchmahal district, delivered a baby at a private clinic in the absence of a doctor. The baby was delivered by a nurse in the clinic. The doctor stopped attending to her as soon as she was told that Usha Ben was a beneficiary of the Gujarat government’s Chiranjeevi Yojana. Soon after the delivery she was sent home without the essential postdelivery checkup.

Drastic step or careless move?

Issue Date: Jul 15, 2013
IN YET another attempt to save regional rural banks from collapse, the government intends to take private parties on board.

Break the resistance

Author(s): Madhukar Pai
Issue Date: Jun 15, 2013
Most people in India think that tuberculosis (TB) is an old disease with little or no relevance in 2013. But, in fact, India reports over two million TB cases every year. It kills 280,000 men, women and children and is one of the leading causes of death in the country.

Setback to health insurance

Issue Date: Apr 30, 2013

Public’s private peeve

Issue Date: Feb 28, 2013
Despite protests by health activists, the Chhattisgarh government seems determined to take the private route for medical diagnostic services. On January 31, people held protests in Raipur, demanding the government scrap the public-private partnership (PPP) for radiology and laboratory services. They say it will undermine the state’s public health system and make medical services expensive.

Energy pill for renewable sector

Author(s): Joel Kumar
Issue Date: Feb 28, 2013
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