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Paper wasps early casteists

Issue Date: May 15, 1993
WASPS, bees and ants are known to live in highly organised colonies with an elaborate division of labour among the occupants, who are separated into different "castes", each performing specific functions, and who are also physically different and with a rank in colony hierarchy.

New fruit of jam

Issue Date: May 15, 1993
SOME HIMALAYAN species of Ficus -- the genus to which the pipal and the banyan belong -- yield fruit that have high nutritive value and are excellent for making into jams and jellies. Scientists say these species should be considered favourably for social and agroforestry programmes.

Turning on the sexually fastidious female

Issue Date: May 15, 1993
HUMANS are not the only animal species to possess a sense of beauty. Recent research bears out the controversial view of 19th century British naturalist Charles Darwin that animals have an eye for beauty. He offered this as an explanation for the preference of females for the gaudiest males.

Penguins gauge sea resources for scientists

Issue Date: Apr 30, 1993
STRUTTING and swimming through the Antarctic, some emperor penguins are working on a scientific mission: monitoring the sea resources of the polar region.

Computers set to conquer language barriers

Issue Date: Apr 30, 1993
EVEN AS European Community researchers are developing a powerful computerised translation system that promises to break through language barriers, scientists in Japan, Germany and USA are working on a telephone translation system whose implications for world trade are mind-boggling. Both systems are reportedly in the test stage.

Infant death linked to child-rearing habits

Issue Date: Apr 30, 1993
WESTERN infants are more likely to become victims of so-called crib deaths because they are far more frequently left alone to sleep than Asian children, a British study shows.

Helping addicts get through their withdrawal symptoms

Issue Date: Apr 30, 1993
MARIJUANA and heroin may be frowned on by parents and the police, but they do have a beneficial side for scientists. Recent breakthroughs in understanding how these two addictive drugs act on the brain could result in a non-addictive opiate that will help drug addicts cope better with withdrawal symptoms.

Natural elements keep homes comfortable

Issue Date: Apr 15, 1993

Birth of a galaxy

Issue Date: Apr 15, 1993
THANKS to the Bubble Space Telescope, scientists can now actually see ancient galaxies being forI The instrument, unlike earthbound telescopes, can be aimed at galaxies 4 billion light years away. Because le the light that is picked up was emitted 4 billion years ago, it provides a view of the galaxy as it was then. Astronomers at USA's Carnegie Institution recently saw a galaxy cluster that was formed about 5 billion years ago, a third of the way back to the Big Bang, one of the theories used by scientists to explain the tic birth of the universe. According to
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