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Off the diesel track

Why has Daewoo not gone in for diesel cars when other car manufacturers are flooding the market with diesel models? It is true that some car manufacturers have introduced diesel models, luring customers with the initial price advantage and lower cost of running. But six months down the line, people will realise that maintenance costs are much higher. Diesel engines would cause considerable wear and tear, which would push up the cost of maintaining the vehicle.

Liberalising pollution

Issue Date: Jul 15, 1999
Air pollution is one of the direct results of economic growth. With the introduction of economic reforms in 1991 in India, there has been a substantial degree of liberalisation in the car industry. Industrial growth in the country seems somewhat expensive when the tremendous costs to public health due to air pollution in urban India are calculated.

Be kind to the vulture

Author(s): Mario
Issue Date: Jul 15, 1999
T he vulture is a very patient bird. It is waiting patiently for its next flight, which may very well be into oblivion. Meanwhile, experts try and figure out what is killing the vulture. Ornithologists fear that India's vulture populations have declined in recent times. The vulture has a host of enemies today. Pesticides, as a study conducted by the Centre for Science and Environment ( cse ) has shown, may be an important one. Yet there were sounds of uncertainty in some conservation circles about the study.

Victims of dirty air, all

Issue Date: Jun 30, 1999

Breathing time?

Issue Date: Jun 15, 1999
the Supreme Court, on May 13, 1999, removed the cap on car sales in the National Capital Region ( ncr ) and allowed self-certification for Euro-norm compliance by the automobile industry itself.

A clarion call

Author(s): Anil Agarwal
Issue Date: Feb 28, 1999
It is painfully slow, but progress nevertheless. Already,people are talking about the next millennium. So let me make a prediction as well. The next millennium will increasingly be the period of the civil society. The centralised state will give way to systems of governance that increasingly involve and empower the people. In India, that would mean shedding away the 19th century governance system developed by the British and perfected in India during the second half of the 20th century.

Special Efforts

Source: CSE Survey, 1998 NOTE: Names of CMs in order of ranking done by environmentalist

Trauma,caused by extreme shock

Issue Date: Feb 15, 1999
The Lt Governor of Delhi needs, for his own sake, to be immediately airlifted from the polluted environs of the capital. Any concerned citizen who has being paying attention to his statements in the previous six months will realise immediately that he suffers from an extreme case of trauma caused by shock. In June 1998, Vijai Kapoor told his wheezing citizenry that there was no such thing as air pollution in Delhi. Then, in January 1999, he announced to them that there is no crime in the city. What is this, if not the denial stages of a trauma case?

Road to hell

Issue Date: Jan 31, 1999
The automobile bug has bitten Indians. And why not? Hyundai, Daewoo, telco , Honda and Fiat, to name a few, are coming up with the most buyer-friendly (read diesel), not necessarily environment-friendly, cars. Besides the luxury cars being introduced by the world's top car manufacturers, there are of course the desi two-wheelers models which have registered a record increase of 22 times in the two decades under study.

Chimney sweepers

Issue Date: Jan 31, 1999
Cse' s study to estimate industrial pollution is based on a model called the Industrial Pollution Projection System ( ipps ), developed by the World Bank ( wb) . The wb had earlier used the same model to estimate the pollution load in countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines for the 1975-88 period.
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