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Sunita Narain

India’s twin environmental challenges

Issue Date: Dec 15, 2013
In the past 10 years, India’s environmental movement has had a rebirth. It was first born in the 1970s, when the industrialised world was seeing the impact of growth on its environment. In that decade the air and rivers of London, Tokyo and New York were full of toxins. The world was learning the pain of pollution. The first major global conference on the environment, the Stockholm meet, was held to find ways to deal with this growing scourge.

Letters - November 1-15, 2013

Issue Date: Nov 30, 2013
The article, “Rain lash” (September 1-15, 2013), is a warning message to not only the Maharashtra government but also the farming community, agriculture scientists and irrigation engineers. Recent monsoon rains in the Vidarbha region wreaked havoc and caused irreparable damage to both crops and the soil in 5,000 hectares. Vidarbha is normally a semi-arid/dry pocket where recurring droughts can be seen every four-five years. The lacuna lies in the approach to solving the problem.

Come out and claim the road

Issue Date: Nov 30, 2013
I write this column from my bed, recovering from an accident that broke my bones. I was hit by a speeding car when cycling. The car fled the scene, leaving me bleeding on the road. This is what happens again and again, in every city of our country, on every road as we plan without care for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. These are the invisible users.

Designed for accidents

Posted on: 30 Oct, 2013
Building cities around only motor vehicles is fatal

Why our cities are becoming increasingly dangerous for cyclists & pedestrians

Intro:  Disdain of policy makers and neglect is responsible for injury and deaths of the zero pollution emitters who are part of the solution to the mobility crisis our cities face Homepage Teaser:  Disdain of policy makers and neglect is responsible for injury and deaths of the zero pollution emitters who are part of the solution to the mobility crisis our cities face 

Dangers of letting cars dictate city design

Issue Date: Oct 21, 2013
Sunita Narain—our colleague and friend—was seriously injured in an accident while cycling yesterday. A car hit her and fled. This cruel act of crime and heartlessness could have shattered our faith in humanity had it not been for the kind act of the stranger family who rushed her to hospital in time. Sometimes, something still holds in this brutal and cruel car-obsessed city of Delhi.

Climate science in real world

Issue Date: Oct 31, 2013
What we desperately shut our minds to is once again being pronounced ever more clearly: climate change is here; it is already bringing devastating extreme weather events; it will become worse in the years to come. In late September, part 1 of the fifth assessment report (AR5) of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was released in Stockholm.

Big mini revolution

Issue Date: Oct 15, 2013
We were standing in the only street of this small village called Mohda. Located in the forested region of Chhattisgarh, the village had no access to the road and markets. The women of the village surrounded me. They wanted me to know that malaria was a serious problem for them. They wanted something to be done about it.

Adani port under scrutiny

Issue Date: Sep 30, 2013

Call the monitor

Issue Date: Sep 30, 2013
In Goa mines are closed. In Bellary, iron ore mines, once closed, have been opened on the condition that they will now follow a plan for environmental restoration and will not indulge in unseemly and distasteful activities. But the institutions for checking the reformed miners are still in disarray. They cannot monitor and enforce the rules. So, believe it or not, little will actually change in the Bellary landscape.
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