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Can’t beat, join them

Issue Date: Jul 31, 2012
In March this year, when Vladmir Putin announced Russia’s new protest law, even the most optimist feared death of democracy. A resident of the Siberian city of Yekaterinburg has found a novel way to subvert the law: enlist the support of the authorities. Ostislav Zhuravlyov decided to inform his fellow, like-minded thinkers to join him on a tour of the city to enjoy the local surroundings. This was his way of getting the opposition together without being guilty of forming an opposition protest gathering.

Future compromised

Issue Date: Jul 15, 2012
In the morning of June 19, bleary eyed negotiators left Pavilion 3 of Riocentro to return to their hotel rooms to freshen themselves up. A long round of intense negotiations had taken place the previous night to finalise the outcome draft of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, also called Rio+20.

Unknown mentor

Issue Date: Jun 15, 2012
A 19th century Kazakh poet who was previously all but unknown in Russia has become an unlikely figurehead of opposition protests marring Vladimir Putin’s return to the Kremlin.

Hard work pays

Issue Date: Apr 30, 2012
It seems like a throwback to the Soviet era. Russian president Vladimir Putin has announced a competition to find Russia’s best workers. Putin told a cabinet meeting that there would be cash prizes for the winning welder, stone mason, electrician, miner and lorry driver. Russia’s Ministry of Health and Social Development has already started selecting regional candidates through employers and trade unions.

Bank’s first contest

Issue Date: Apr 15, 2012
Developing countries have taken their first step towards breaking the US monopoly over the appointment of the World Bank president. On March 23, the Bank’s Board of Executive Directors announced three names to be considered for the presidential position. Two of them are from and nominated by developing countries. This is for the first time in its 68 years of existence that the Bank will hold a contest for the presidential position. Current president Robert Zoellick will step down at the end of his term in June. By April the Bank has to appoint a new president.

Developing countries outshine G7 nations in health aid

Author(s): Sonal Matharu
Issue Date: Mar 27, 2012
The BRICS countries—Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa—have substantially increased funding to the poor countries to improve health. Although the G7 donors (USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, UK and Japan) still provide far more assistance to poor countries, the foreign assistance by BRICS countries between 2005 and 2010 was 10 times higher than that of the G7, notes the report ‘Shifting Paradigm: How the BRICS are reshaping global health and development’ by Global Health Strategies Initiatives (GHSI), an international non-profit.

TN high court asks not to block essential commodities to Kudankulam protesters

Author(s): M Suchitra
Issue Date: Mar 23, 2012
In a relief to people protesting against the Tamil Nadu government’s go-ahead to Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant, the Madras High Court has directed the state police to ensure uninterrupted access to essential commodities.

Putin’s 2 min

Issue Date: Mar 31, 2012
With broadcast and print media largely under state control in Russia, the Internet has lately been a key platform for opposition activism. There has been an outpour of visual art through social networks since the first anti-Vladimir Putin protests in the wake of suspected fraud in parliamentary elections in December, reports Hidden Transcript.
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