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Letters - November 16-30, 2014

Issue Date: Nov 30, 2014
Killer cookhouse

Last call to get climate deal right

Issue Date: Nov 30, 2014
The Indian government must not use “equity” to block climate change negotiations. It must be proactive on equity and put forward a position on how to operationalise the sharing of the carbon budget—accounting for countries’ contribution to past emissions and allocating future space—in climate talks.

'Food security, not profit from trade in food, is priority for developing countries'

Issue Date: Nov 4, 2014
Naomi Hossain is a research fellow at the UK-based Institute of Development Studies and a political sociologist with nearly 20 years of development research and advisory experience. Why is this report important?

What IPCC says about India

Issue Date: Nov 3, 2014

Great Man's distortion

Issue Date: Nov 15, 2014
The big fat surprise: Why butter, meat & cheese belong in a healthy diet; Nina Teicholz - Simon & Schuster | US $27.99

Call from cave

Issue Date: Nov 15, 2014

Drugs on EMI

Issue Date: Nov 15, 2014

A smart idea

Issue Date: Nov 15, 2014
A distinctive feature of a modern house is an array of electrical and electronic appliances in it. Sunil Sinha, a banker in Meerut, remembers the days when his house had a modest four ceiling fans, six lights, a refrigerator and a colour TV, and he considered them enough of possessions to boast about. That was in the 1990s when Indian economy had just picked up pace. Since then he has added multiple appliances—computers, geysers, mixer, water purifier, air-conditioners, two more TV sets and an extra fridge—lapping up modern urban lifestyle. See also:  Animation Why India is not energy efficient Video How many gadgets can a 40W solar panel run? Infographics Ownership of appliances in India to grow rapidly Appliance penetration of urban India  

Make wealth from waste

Issue Date: Nov 15, 2014
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