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Tainted dream

Issue Date: Mar 31, 1994
Fariburz Sahba, the Iranian architect who designed the, Baha'i Lotus Temple in New Delhi, is a sad man today. Dust and emissions from vehicles and industries around the temple are causing its marble exterior to peel off. Though the architect says the temple, made

Waste more want more

Issue Date: Mar 31, 1994
DEAD drunk on its political clout, Delhi is blind to the fact that its water scarcity is directly proportional to its gargantuan wastage. At the peak of its "water crisis" in mid-January, Delhi's water consumption, at 215 Ipcd, remained 65 per cent higher than Bombay's.

Taking off on flyash

Issue Date: Mar 31, 1994
Worried by rising flyash production in power plant- expected to touch 100 million tonnes today - the department of science and technology(DST) has initiated a project to dispose and utilise flyash. To be implemented by DST's Technology and Information Forecasting and Assessment Council, the exercise will involve the power industry, including the National Thermal Power Corp from the public sector and the Ahmadabad Electricity Crop from the private sector.

Future tense

Issue Date: Mar 31, 1994
THIS is not a load of what you think it is. By the year 2001, the volume of sewage generated by Delhi is likely to top a mountainous 3,200 mId. The only way to flush it or purify it is with more water. And no one knows where that is going to come from, apart from one of the priorities of the city's Eighth Five Year Plan, which envisages making investments in future projects. Whatever that may mean. There has already been roundhouse criticism of the

Stepping into danger

Issue Date: Mar 31, 1994
The multinational Hindustan Lever Ltd. (HLL) is facing the music from its employees for allegedly, issuing boots containing carcinogenic materials. In a legal notice served in January this year, employees of the Bombay unit of HLL demanded Rs 9 lakh as compensation to all workers who developed serious skin problems after using gumboots and sandals provided by, the management every year before the monsoon.

'India is close to aquaculture disaster'

Issue Date: Mar 31, 1994
What is the Indian marine fishery scenario? Total catch is increasing. But the economically important species - mainly prawns, oysters and mackerels - which account for 50 per cent of the total export output, are stagnating. Why has the output declined? The main reason is over-exploitation of prawn. For instance, Kerala's prawn catch during 1960-65 was about 24,000 tonnes annually. This went up to as much as 80,000 tonnes in the mid '70s, but has now stabilised at about 33,000 tonnes.

'Bonus' on the sly

Issue Date: Mar 31, 1994

The great water rip-off

Issue Date: Mar 31, 1994
URBAN India faces a water crisis Madras to Jodhpur, most cities are already facing the crippling effects of scarcity. There is hardly any city in India that canboast of a 24-hour water supply. But much of this crisis may be totally bogus. And there is no better example than Delhi: pampered capital of India. Delhi, Indeed, has a problem as far as water is concerned. But, as the cover story in this issue of Dowm to Earth brings out, the problem is less of scarcity and more of utter callousness that grips its administrators and elite

Beware of the bindi

Issue Date: Mar 31, 1994
INDIAN women, watch out! Think twice before you place that innocent-looking, stick-on vermillion dot on your forehead. Or, before you slip your plastic purse into your blouse. At least that's the message from dermatologist R K Pandhi of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi. Investigations by his team reveal an increased incidence of leucoderma - a progressive loss of skin pigmentation that results in white patches - in women
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