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The Eklingapura experience

Issue Date: Dec 31, 1993
NESTLED in the hills of the Aravallis about 12 km from Udaipur, Eklingapura shines as one of the first successful instances of participatory forest management.

Illegal mining stages a comeback

Issue Date: Dec 31, 1993
Mining inside and on the boundary of Sariska National Park in Rajasthan's Alwar district has resumed despite a Supreme Court ban. Enquiries with the Zilla Khaniz Udyog Sangh (ZKUS), the local mine owners' representative body, revealed the action followed a recent letter from the Union minster for environment and forests Kamal Nath.

Save lakes from the sins of humanity

Issue Date: Dec 31, 1993
THERE is something very beautiful about lakes -- not just aesthetically, but also intellectually. Lakes do not just mirror their environment. They also mirror the society around them. Clean water in a lake is either the result of an absence of humanity or the presence of very disciplined human beings who care. Like fish that accumulate and concentrate toxins -- mercury, for example -- lakes accumulate all the sins of humanity.

Fuel saver

Issue Date: Dec 31, 1993
The public sector Delhi Transport Corp (DTC), whose buses have a reputation for being polluting, has received an award by the Indian Oil Corp (IOC) for saving fuel.

Speeding up in the fast lane

Issue Date: Dec 31, 1993

Faulty policies

Issue Date: Dec 31, 1993
Socialist economist Ignacy Sachs of the Centre de Recherches Sur le Bresil Contemporain ***(translation) in Paris has severely criticised current Indian development policies.

Molecules made to order

Issue Date: Dec 31, 1993
TWO CHEMISTS in Hyderabad, working separately, have synthesised many complex organic molecules (those containing carbon) that are the basic constituent of most drugs. The chemistry of carbon is essential to understand the basis of all life, as most biological processes are mediated by organic compounds.

An ardent activist passes away

Issue Date: Dec 31, 1993
With the demise of Sunil K Roy, often described as "a soldier, diplomat, administrator and environmentalist, all in one", environment has lost one of its best friends. Starting his career in the army and later, the foreign service, Roy was appointed director general of tourism by former prime minister Indira Gandhi in the early 1970s, initiating a life-long devotion to the environment.

"Subsidies have to be withdrawn"

Issue Date: Dec 31, 1993
AGRICULTURAL scientists and economists warn farm subsidies are leading to the wasteful use of resources such as land and water. Highlighting the grave consequences of electricity and fertiliser subsidies, they suggest any decision on public funding for agriculture should be based on an environmental cost-benefit analysis for sustainable use of natural resources.

Police firing sparks protests

Issue Date: Dec 31, 1993
The recent death in police firing of 15-year-old Rahimat Punya Vasave, a tribal from Surung village in Dhule district in Maharashtra, created ripples of protest all the way to the Capital. Three other tribals were injured in the firing when villagers of Akrani taluk in Dhule district -- one of the strongholds of the Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) -- resisted district officials who were conducting a "survey".
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