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Letters - April 16-31, 2014

Issue Date: Apr 30, 2014
Make wise use of forests “When planting trees is a curse” (March 1-15, 2014) was an insightful editorial on the economics of forests. The focus of our policymakers has shifted from productivity to conservation. About 20 per cent of the country’s land area is covered by forests. We need to use this resource to enhance productivity.

Letters - April 1-15, 2014

Issue Date: Apr 15, 2014
Young india’s unhealthy heart

Letters - March 16-31, 2014

Issue Date: Mar 31, 2014
India Too Soft To Be Heard

Letters - March 1-15, 2014

Issue Date: Mar 15, 2014
Not Enough Milk For India

Letters - February 16-28, 2014

Issue Date: Feb 28, 2014
Corruption Stealing Upa’s votes Political analysts in the government must be a worried lot. None of its popular schemes, be it the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) or the National Food Security Act, is translating into votes for the ruling Congress, as was evident in the recent state Assembly elections (“Last ditch attempt”, January 16-31, 2014).

Letters - February 1-15, 2014

Issue Date: Feb 15, 2014
RIGHT TO ROAD I wish to draw the attention of the authorities to the plight of pedestrians and public transport in the national capital (“Come out and claim the road”, November 16-30, 2013).

Letters - January 16-31, 2014

Issue Date: Jan 31, 2014
Backdoor for big brother With regard to the article “How private is privacy?” (December 16-31, 2013), I was curious to know how far the National Security Agency (NSA) of the US and other similar organisations with online surveillance programmes have succeeded in getting hold of encrypted softwares. Will we ever know the extent of the damage done? Anupama anupama.kumar@balliol.ox.ac.uk Response from author

Letters - January 1-15, 2014

Issue Date: Jan 15, 2014
Shun Policy of Appeasement

Letters - December 16-31, 2013

Issue Date: Dec 31, 2013
Ignoring the success story This is with reference to “Science under siege” (October 16-31, 2013). The article has cast a hurried glance at the Indian Council of Agricultural Research’s (ICAR’S) organisational edifice, its research endeavours, personnel management and cost to the country. One does not find a single mention of globally acknowledged achievements of the organisation that has added value to Indian agriculture in over eight decades of its existence. Here are a few cases:

Letters - December 1-15, 2013

Issue Date: Dec 15, 2013
Why a perfect system fails The cover story, “Science under siege” (October 16-31, 2013), demonstrates how a system that looks near perfect on paper fails to deliver on ground. Agriculture is a localised affair, therefore research in agriculture should focus on local needs and conditions.
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