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Letters - August 16-31, 2014

Issue Date: Aug 31, 2014
Once upon a time, Ganga was clean

Letters - August 1-15, 2014

Issue Date: Aug 15, 2014
Where to walk is the question

Letters - July 16-31, 2014

Issue Date: Jul 31, 2014
Two minutes is not too much

Letters - July 01-15, 2014

Issue Date: Jul 15, 2014
A refreshing change

Letters - June 16-30, 2014

Issue Date: Jun 30, 2014
Prickly tale of pine

Letters - June 1-15, 2014

Issue Date: Jun 15, 2014
All is not well in Modi's Gujarat This is with reference to the editorial, "Gujarat v UPA: models of nongovernance?" (May 1-15, 2014). The development in Gujarat portrayed by Narendra Modi is mostly confined to industrialisation. Every time I read about the Gujarat model of development, I only get to read about the economic growth. But a state's success cannot be measured only by economic parameters. What about social indicators such as standard of living, employment, nutrition, education and welfare?  

Letters - May 16-31, 2014

Issue Date: May 31, 2014
Chuck The Junk

Letters - May 1-15, 2014

Issue Date: May 15, 2014
The Irrational Scientist

Letters - April 16-31, 2014

Issue Date: Apr 30, 2014
Make wise use of forests “When planting trees is a curse” (March 1-15, 2014) was an insightful editorial on the economics of forests. The focus of our policymakers has shifted from productivity to conservation. About 20 per cent of the country’s land area is covered by forests. We need to use this resource to enhance productivity.

Letters - April 1-15, 2014

Issue Date: Apr 15, 2014
Young india’s unhealthy heart
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