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Oceans report card: Global ocean health scores 67 out of 100

Issue Date: Oct 1, 2014
Global ocean health has scored 67 out of 100 in the Ocean Health Index for 2014, based on its performance on a number of goals and factors. This score represents the average health of all oceans and high seas for the first time since the index came to be calculated.

The Gond kingdoms

Issue Date: Oct 1, 2014
Unlike other tribes of central India, like Madia, Baiga, Korku and Korwa, who live a close-to-primitive li

Seven brotherhoods and the love of trees, animals and birds

Issue Date: Oct 1, 2014
It is very difficult to separate the religious beliefs and social organisation of the Gond tribe, as the two are closely inter-related. The religion of the Gonds, which does not have a definitive name, is basically pantheistic, and its social organisation is based on equality but it is also quite complex.

Legend of Kachchargadh

Issue Date: Oct 1, 2014

Why demand for Gondwana state continues to be scuttled

Issue Date: Oct 1, 2014
The demand for a separate Gondwana state was raised for the first time in 1956, when the erstwhile Central Provinces and Berar (CP & Berar) state, comprising the tribal belt of Madhya Pradesh (MP), and the whole of Chhattisgarh and Vidarbha, was split up and Vidarbha went to the Bombay state while the rest was merged with the Vindhya and Bhopal states to form Madhya Pradesh. The Bombay state was later split to form Gujarat and Maharashtra states in 1960.

Solar energy could be the largest source of electricity by mid-century

Issue Date: Sep 30, 2014
Efficient use of two technologies, combined with clear and consistent signals from policy makers across the world, could lead to sun becoming the largest source of electricity for the world.

Pink mobile campaign to reduce maternal mortality

Issue Date: Sep 30, 2014
The United Nations has launched a “Zero Mothers Die” campaign to reduce maternal mortality. As part of the campaign, a pink mobile costing $30 will be made available to expecting mothers in developing countries. It will contain health advice and emergency numbers related to pregnancy and new born care.
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