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A deformed existence

Issue Date: Jun 15, 1999
GANDHAR KARMAKAR is nine years old. He has only one eye, and suffers from paralysis. Elder to him by three years is Motiram. He suffers from osteoporosis (general bone damage). Dunia Uraon, also just short of his teens, is another unfortunate adolescent. His mother suffered three miscarriages before

No laughing matter

Author(s): Mario
Issue Date: Jul 31, 1999
"it's a cruel joke", was the reaction of the noted Gandhian and anti-nuclear activist, Sangamitra Gadekar, when she heard that the Rajasthan Atomic Power Plant ( raps ) at Rawatbhata was awarded this year's Golden Peacock Environment Management Award. Gadekar had conducted a study in 1991 on the impact of radiation on people and animals in five villages located near raps in 1991.

Environmental hitches

Issue Date: Jan 31, 1993
The end of 1992 saw advocates of development-at-any-cost increasingly impatient with the Union ministry for environment and forests (MEF), whom they accused of blocking development projects worth several thousand crores of rupees.
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