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Culture on nature

Author(s): Rajeswari Raina
Issue Date: Oct 31, 1996
That nature writing is seri ous business, representing a delicate combination of art and science, imagination and accurate information, empa thy and deliber ate detachment, is evident from the book. The history of nature writing, as the editor introduces it, is in more ways than one a history of humanity, "part of the quest for the essential characteristics and boundaries of being human."

Reform begins in the factory

Issue Date: Oct 15, 1996
The structure of industrialisation lies at the root of sustainability. Without finding new modes of industrial organisation, it would be impossible to bring about a transformation in the structure of industrialisation. The other debates concerning sustainability, like the transfer of clean technology on preferential terms are largely extraneous issues. The monograph succinctly traces the current trends and pressures surrounding industrial organisation.

The culprit is...

Author(s): Vinayak Rao
Issue Date: Sep 15, 1996
the preparatory phase of the World Summit for Social Development witnessed the launch of several research projects relevant to and in support of issues like poverty, unemployment and social integration, to be discussed at the summit. The book under review is one of these.

Bird's-eye view

Issue Date: Sep 15, 1996
the title of the book might convey the impression that it is limited to birds and their habitats. But it actually gives an exhaustive overview of the environment, with birds as the parameter for judging the state of the natural world.

For a fairer science

Issue Date: Aug 31, 1996
. Situated within a critical sociology of knowledge, the papers appearing in Missing links argue that the liberating potential of science could be released if the issues of gender and equity were tackled head-on. A critique of the existing culture of science and development is followed by a discussion on the empowerment of women by providing them with better access to scientific and technological knowledge.

Landward bound

Author(s): T N Khoshoo
Issue Date: Aug 15, 1996

Carrot and stick

Author(s): Raksha Kushalani
Issue Date: Jul 31, 1996
the book in review is a survey of the balance sheet for India from the Uruguay Round of General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (gatt) negotiations. Dubey proceeds chapter-wise to analyse the important agreements signed in the Uruguay Round like the General Agreement on Trade in Services (gats), Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights System (trips) and negotiations regarding the Trade Related Investment Measures.

Numbers all the way

Author(s): Shobhit Mahajan
Issue Date: Jul 31, 1996
the universe we live in is full of patterns. The regularity of seasons, the movement of heavenly bodies and the intricate pattern of waves on a beach are all ubiquitous patterns around us. The human mind has developed a formal system of thought to study and understand these patterns mathematics. Mathematics has not only helped humankind in understanding its surroundings but has also assisted it in exploiting them.

Green wheels

Author(s): Milind K Pathak
Issue Date: Jun 30, 1996
THE World Commission on Environmental Development, 1987, gave way to the famous Brundtland Commission Report titled Our Common Future. This report, for the first time, made 'sustainability' a major international issue and gave it a much wider relevance in the process. Thus, sustainability came to be associated with equity, international trade, perhaps even technological development.

Riding the waves

Issue Date: Jun 30, 1996
SPUTTERlNG growth has been a characteristic feature of the world economy in recent times. Yet there are encouraging indicators of a major upswing that can sustain it over a relatively long period. The developing countries of Asia and Latin America are shedding institutional shackles that restricted their growth in the past while in the developed economies, growth has backfired after a period of painful reconstruction in the '80s.
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