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Purifying contaminant

Issue Date: Nov 30, 2013

Revived to be killed

Issue Date: Aug 15, 2013

Choked on salt

Issue Date: May 31, 2013

Letters - November 30, 2012

Issue Date: Nov 30, 2012
Think Small

A tale of two cities

Issue Date: Oct 31, 2012
I travelled to two different cities in two different states last week—Indore and Guwahati. I came back with images identified by common distinctions: piles of garbage and glitzy new shopping malls. Is this our vision of urban development? There is no question that cities are imploding; growth is happening faster than we ever imagined.

Lost lakes

Author(s): Bharat Lal Seth
Issue Date: Aug 31, 2012

Metals blunt drugs

Issue Date: May 15, 2012
Usually industry is regarded as the chief purveyor of heavy metal pollution. Roadways and automobiles constitute one of the largest sources of pollution by heavy metals. Various types of fuels, tire wear, batteries and brake emissions release significant amounts of heavy metals into the environment. Leaching from soil because of acid rain is another source of heavy metals.

Curse of excess

Issue Date: Mar 15, 2012

Peace isn't elusive

Issue Date: May 31, 2003
Tourism...handicrafts...agriculture...forests... lakes - Jammu & Kashmir's (j&k) basis of survival for ages. They still constitute 98 per cent of the state's economy and sustain 90 per cent of its population. Kashmir's economy is nothing but a sensitive and organised use of its ecology.

Ecotourism: Scrambling for paradise

Issue Date: Jul 31, 2002
Seeking nirvana Rich, restless and willing to pay
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