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Water Management

Water rows

Issue Date: Nov 30, 1996
a new United Nations ( un ) agency, set up primarily to resolve conflicts of the sea, has taken shape. Inaugurated mid-October in Hamburg by the un secretary general, Boutros Boutros Ghali, the tribunal will administer the un Convention on the Law of the Sea ( unclos ) to solve water disputes.

In the nick of time

Issue Date: Oct 15, 1996

The unsilenced valley

Author(s): Rahul
Issue Date: Jun 15, 1996
VISITORS to the remote Sondwa block of Jhabua district in Madhya Pradesh (MP) are often taken aback by the sight of water scaling the steep hills to irrigate fields. This seeming defiance of the law of gravity is a system devised by Bhil tribals which takes advantage of the peculiarities of the terrain to divert water from swiftly flowing hilly streams into irrigation channels called pats.

A world of double standards

Issue Date: May 15, 1996
VIRTUALLY routed in the 1984 parliamentarry electionsthe BharatiyaJanata Party (Bip) made a remarkable comeback in the 1989 and1991polls. The party also came topower in four states in the 1989-1990state assembly elections:RajasthanUttar Pradesh (UP)Madhya Pradesh (MP) andHimachal Pradesh (HP).

Shifting dimensions

BJP's policies on science and technology (1991 manifesto) have come a long way from those envisioned in the 1984 elections. With a clear pro-urban bias, the 1984 manifesto had promised to evolve 'appropriate technology for Indian industrial needs", and develop high tech areas like -biochemistry, cybernetics, avionics, electronics, nuclear technology and technotrony'. The party had also promised to stem brain drain. Research priorities, thus, neglected the need of science and technological inputs into the rural agricultural sector.

Bisalpur: rehab problems

An agitation against the O"pur dam (at the cortfluence of Banas and Dal II Tonk district Rajasthan, has not @etl@, a sympathetic chord with the stake govem- ment The dam, which envisages providing drinking water to several districts besides irrigating 1.7 larkh ha of land, will affect 70,000 People. The gisatpur Project Affected Coordination Committee Is spearheading the agi- tation. According to it, the farmers are being paid much less than the prevailing market rates for their land. No compen ' satory land Is available for the landless, while the adult sons and daughters have

Enron: a murky drama

"On Enron, a single message has been delivered: any or every deal will survive only on the strength of its merit and not on the capacity to corrupt us or that of threats by any super power," 5ushma 5waraj, BJP spokesperson, had said, rationalising the decision to scrap the 2,015 MW power project in Maharashtra. But the decision of the state's ruling BJP-5hiv 5ena (55) alliance to revive it in November 1995 speaks volumes about the party's seriousness. In the 1995 state assembly elections, the alliance had rode to power on its


Issue Date: Feb 29, 1996
A recent World Bank (WB) report has given a a poor rating to the Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP) which is saddled with major resettlement problems. According to an estimate, the first of the four phases in the LHWP, Phase IA, is expected to displace 1,500 people and affect the livelihood of 20,000. Shortage of hygienic water and poor sanitation conditions have contributed to an increase in typhoid and child mortality in villages. A series of dams, pumping stations and tunnels would be constructed under the US $2 billion project. Regardless of unresolved problems

To sell a resource

Author(s): Saumya Chaudhuri
Issue Date: Feb 15, 1996
RECENT years have witnessed rapid increases in the cost of investment in new irrigation projects, while at the same time, there has been a marked degradation in water quality, a slower growth in crop productivity in irrigated areas and increased competition for water for non-agricultural uses. These developments necessitate clear water resource policies that will maintain growth in irrigated agricultural production, facilitate efficient allocation of water across sectors and reverse

Muynak: life in the disaster zone

Muynak, which once lay on the coast of the Aral Sea nearly 70 km away from it. And since there is no road salty, toxic desert that has replaced the former seabed, it is no difficult to reach the Aral Sea from there. But a few determind fisherfoik still commute by jeep to their boats to try andl a living. Situated in the Amu Darya river delta the more than 3000 fisherfolk who In 1957 brought in of fish - half of the total Aral Sea catch and about 3 pot the entire Soviet catch. By 1970, the Sea was 10 km awn) 1980,40 km. With the sea disappearing and the river turn
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