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Water Distribution


Issue Date: Nov 30, 1999
In yet another instance of animal-human conflict, wild elephants in Meghalaya's West Garo hills are giving the farmers in the area sleepless nights. The pachyderms are descending on the village in hordes and trampling the crops that are ready for harvesting.

Tapping the Rhone

Issue Date: Aug 31, 1999
as the mighty river Rhone surges through eastern France, water shortage is far from anyone's mind living on the banks of the river. Along its 500-mile route, it is fed by many tributaries until the river spills, largely untapped, into the Mediterranean Sea. But along the same sea, scarcity of fresh water is an increasingly nagging issue farther west, in the arid regions of eastern Spain. So Barcelona has developed a daring plan: to build a pipeline through southern France and the Pyrenees to carry water from the Rhone River to Spain.

No water where the oceans meet

Issue Date: Jul 31, 1999
the float festival will once again be held in Kanyakumari. With water from the Pechiparai dam in the Western Ghats reaching Theppakulam -- one of the three Kanyakumari Goddess temple ponds -- people of the town are eagerly looking forward to next year's 'Theppam' or float of the deity, conducted on the pond. The occasion also marks the commencement of possible recharge of ground water aquifers at the southern-most tip of the country.


Issue Date: Jun 15, 1999
Bangkok's Royal Irrigation Department has announced a scheme to pipe water to needy villages. Once completed, it will provide a 24-hour water supply to northeastern provinces and will increase farm output two-fold, said the department chief Pramote. With 12 projects under the scheme, each project is considered as one system, with each having distribution units depending on the water supply in the area. While well-to-do sugarcane and orchard growers may jump at the offer, it was doubtful if the poor and debt-ridden farmers would be able to afford it.


Issue Date: Aug 31, 1998
A three judge bench will decide Supreme Court's (SC) jurisdiction on the Inter-State River Water Disputes tribunals. The SC referred the question of its jurisdiction to interfere with the orders of the tribunals to the Constitution bench comprising Chief Justice M M Punchhi, justice K T Thomas and justice S S M Quadri. The reference was made when the Almatti dam dispute was taken up. The Act says that the order of the tribunal will be final. With the exclusion of even the SC, the apex court has to decide the matter of jurisdiction.


Issue Date: May 15, 1997
A national water policy for Bangladesh is on the anvil. This was announced by water resources minister Abdur Razzak in Dhaka recently. The country is all set to launch a planning exercise for a Ganges barrage in Greater Faridpur to provide irrigation to an area of 1.9 million hectares through an integrated water resource development programme. The minister also said that a joint rivers commission will try to find out a solution to sharing of the waters of the Teesta, Brahmaputra and other rivers.


Issue Date: Apr 15, 1997
All African countries through which the water of the river Nile flows, can hope to coordinate sharing of one of Africa's greatest resources. The 10 nations - Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Zaire, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi and Tanzania - recently appeared to put aside political differences at Cairo, Egypt, in an effort to seek a us $100 million aid for 21 projects.

The Philippines

Issue Date: Feb 15, 1997
The much vaunted upgradation of the porous water supply system of the Manila metropolitan water and sewerage systems (mwss), suffered a setback due to a lawsuit that pointed out "serious inconsistencies" in one of the bids. According to the giant privatisation plan, two 25-year concessions to operate and upgrade the water distribution system for Manila's 10 million people would be awarded, without increasing water prices beyond the inflation rates.

Let peace flow like water..

Author(s): B B Vohra
Issue Date: Mar 15, 1996
THIS is a carefully researched study of the extent of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict over the Jordan river waters. The subject has been examined in a non-partisan manner not only in the context of its historical'setting, but also of the dimensions of problems in water sharing between all countries situated in the Jordan river basin - including Lebanon, Syria and Jordan - in terms of quantity as well as quality.

Waterfront Cauvery

Author(s): Nabina Das
Issue Date: Feb 29, 1996
THE dispute between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu regarding the distribution of the Cauvery river water in the winter of 1995, had become a constitutional crisis, Early this year, the Narasimha Rao government appointed a three- member panel which was expected to submit a report to the Centre after assessing the crop pattern and stress in the Cauvery basin and the delta(Down To Earth, Vol 4, No 18).
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