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Water Conservation

Injustice gets nastier

Posted on: 16 Dec, 2010
Water scarcity accentuates discrimination against the socially backward

Rice intensification for increasing productivity

Issue Date: Dec 31, 2010
Jai Sri is a common greeting in the Koraput countryside these days. A Paraja tribal woman working in her fields, a passing motorcyclist driving through the rutted lanes, a teacher heading for his school, they all greet each other and visitors with a Jai Sri. It has nothing to do with religious revivalism, but is the new buzzword sweeping the farmlands of Odisha—and large patches of India. SRI is the acronym for System of Rice Intensification, a new technique to grow rice more efficiently using much less water and seeds but yielding far greater quantities of rice.

How women seized NREGA

Posted on: 16 Nov, 2010
Unique features of the public wage programme turn it into a magnet for women


Issue Date: Oct 15, 2010
Tapasya Mohan, a 29-year-old executive in a telecom company, recently purchased a refrigerator. She did not go by looks but the five-star label on the fridge for energy efficiency. She did not mind paying more; the salesman convinced her she would save more in the long run on her electricity bills.

Water pricing can drive demand

R K SOMANY, chairperson of Hindustan Sanitaryware and Industries Ltd that controls 40 per cent of branded sanitary ware market in India, spoke on promoting water efficiency. Excerpts

Ponds for strongmen

Issue Date: Sep 30, 2010
He is a former MLA, a khandani landlord and owns more than 121 hectare (ha) apart from many local businesses. Known as the ‘sarkar’ of Sonkachch tehsil of the dry Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh (MP), Rajendhra Singh Baghel met natural farming guru Subhash Palekar about 10 years ago. Today, Baghel campaigns for water conservation, natural farming and promotes local crops in 32 villages in his tehsil. On his own land, he grows traditional crops and a variety of fruits.

Experiments in budgeting water

Issue Date: Jul 31, 2010
The million-odd users of groundwater in Andhra Pradesh need a new form of regulation, everybody agrees. The system based on permits—under WALTA—only adds to the transaction cost of farmers. The fact is there is a desperation to dig and then dig deeper.

Lake in transition

Author(s): Bharat Lal Seth
Issue Date: Jul 15, 2010
The Pushkar lake dried after dredging last summer. The dredging was part of a lake conservation project funded by the Centre and the Rajasthan government.   The Rs 48-crore project aims to spruce up the catchment and concretize existing channels that carry the run-off. The latter is to curb losses through evaporation and seepage when water flows from the catchment to the lake through feeder channels after rains. The four-metre-deep dredging was done to accommodate the water that might flow into the lake.


Issue Date: May 15, 2010
Farmers’ fundamental right We must have the right to decide whether we want to eat Bt brinjal (‘Don’t make a mash of it’, February 16-28, 2010). Similarly, farmers should also have the right to decide what food to grow since they will be affected the most. Why just Bt brinjal, farmers will be affected adversely by any genetically modified (GM) crop. Such crops will steal their freedom of choosing seeds.


Issue Date: Apr 15, 2010
Relocated and damned It is disheartening to learn the plight of residents of Bikhnathori village in Bihar who don’t have basic facilities like water and electricity (‘Corridor of uncertainty’, March 1-15, 2010).
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